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Posted by Daniel on June 17, 2009

And now, from the state of Tennessee, we bring you the Obama “Spook” photo e-mailed from a GOP Senator’s office — on an official state e-mail account, no less:

Sherri Goforth, a legislative staffer working for Sen. Diane Black, a Gallatin Republican, confirmed to Nashville Is Talking that she sent around an email depicting portraits of all the U.S. presidents — but on the last slot, where Barack Obama should be, there is just an empty black spot with two eyes (see below).


When asked whether she understood the controversial nature of sending the email on her state account, Goforth replied, “I went on the wrong email and I inadvertently hit the wrong button … I’m very sick about it, and it’s one of those things I can’t change or take back.” Goforth told the press that she received a letter of reprimand from Sen. Black.

Get it? Huh? Not really…

She’s sick about it alright — sick that she got caught and exposed as a racist — not because she sent out a highly offensive, racist image of our president. Not to worry dear readers, Goforth is keeping her job, for the moment:

Update 1: Black confirmed that she had reprimanded Goforth verbally and in writing. She said no further action was anticipated.

“I think this was a bad decision on her part,” Black said. “She fully understood. … It really doesn’t matter to me why it was sent — whether it was a mistake or a decision — it won’t be tolerated.”

Update 2: Goforth went home for the day, and a spokeswoman for the Senate Republican Caucus declined to comment on the ground that it is a personnel matter. The spokeswoman referred questions to Black, who is currently in a Senate Finance Committee meeting.

Rep. John DeBerry, the chairman of the Tennessee Black Caucus of State Legislators, said the incident reflects poorly on Tennessee and lawmakers.

“It’s unfortunate, and it’s another in a series of unfortunate incidents that have happened across this country with this president,” he said. “It sends the wrong message from the state of Tennessee, and it sends the wrong message from the House and Senate. I wish it hadn’t happened.”

Rep. Mike Turner, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, linked the message to other controversial statements attributed to Tennessee Republicans.

“This is blackbird revisited,” he said, referring to a flyer distributed last fall regarding former state Rep. Nathan Vaughn.

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3 Responses to “GOPredjudice”

  1. Brian said

    one more thing. I probably wouldn’t judge her nearly as harshly if she hadn’t made some STUPID comment like that. Heck, if you’re going to do stuff like that, at least have the balls to stand behind it and say that YOU found it funny even if anyone else didn’t. Grow a pair, bitch, you’ll get more respect. Don’t fart and then blame it on the dog.

    okay now I’m done. You can delete these comments if you want to Daniel.

    • Daniel said

      Delete these comments??? Not likely. If anything I applaud them!!! In my opinion, EVERYONE should be mad as hell about this sort of shit!! It’s time for the whiney pissed-off GOP to GET OVER the fact that they lost. It’s people like those mentioned in my last two posts, NOT TO MENTION BUSH, who got them where they are now…In Oblivion!!! And I think they should STAY there.

  2. Brian said



    “I’m so embarrassed. I clicked on the wrong button.”


    THAT’S her statement?


    Go Vols!!!!

    Stupid redneck. I MEANT TO TYPE THAT. It was on purpose. and so is me hitting the “Submit” button when I’m done here.

    Redneck! Doesn’t feel very good does it, Ms. Sherri Goforth? Being insulted by someone who doesn’t even KNOW YOU? You Tennessee backwater hillbilly trash.



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