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World Keeps On Spinnin’

Posted by Daniel on June 29, 2009

First off I wanted to address the following comment left on a previous post.

Ricardo writes:

A new comment on the post #1551 “Lessons To Learn”…

WTF was that “Gay House” video about?  Do you really burst into flames?  Or is the point that you’re both going to die?
PS: Where has Seth been lately?  I haven’t seen any posts from him since his “Oh, I’m not funny… but I’m going to try it” several weeks ago…

PS: Why no comments upon Michael Jackson passing? Or are you too broken up over it to write?

Ricardo, the “Gay House” video was just something I found online because I was searching for humorous videos about gays.  Not so much to stereotype us, but because I like funny videos and inject them into any relevant post.  No, we don’t burst into flames, though there are times we’ve been accused of being a tad on the “flamey” side when we are acting up.

As for Seth and his posting frequency, he’s been pretty busy lately with the odd hours he works, not to mention taking care of upcoming events – which I will go into in more detail in a sec.  I’m sure Seth has a lot to say and post about and he wanted me to let everyone know that he will be back to posting as soon as everything settles down.

On your third point regarding the passing of Micheal Jackson, we felt that there was nothing we could say that hasn’t been better said on thousands of other sites as well as splached all over the news.  While we are, as a point of fact, saddened by his passing, we thought it best to leave the eulogies to the experts.

Moving onward…

And speaking of moving, there will be a slight lull in my writing towards the middle of July as well.  Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up about that.

I am about to make what many of you would view (at first glance) as a rash decision.  I am about to leave my current job and move into a new apartment more centrally located in town (in a FAR better/safer area).  And I know that many would say that this is a very risky thing to do considering the current job market.  And I am the first to agree with you, however there are some extinuating details that you should know before passing judgement on my decision.

First off, let me give you a little background…my employer is the most dishonest person I or Seth or the tenants or anyone (outside the Bernie Madoff victims) have ever met.  He cheats on his wife daily, evicts tenants who refuse to sleep with him, refuses to pay all of his employees or vendors on time ever, lies to everyone habitually just to get make sure none of his employees, etc.  That last one he actually said he does because if employees get along, they will conspire against him.  Paranoid much?  Seriously, he doesn’t allow tenants’ kids to play with any kind of ball (even a blow-up beach ball) and will storm outside and take the balls from the kids.  THEN he will give it to his little eight year old brat and let HIM play with the pilferred balls in front of the kids!!!

Secondly, it’s about his newest bookkeeper, whom he’s now sleeping with.  She has repeatedly stolen cash rent payments from the office to finance her trips to Florida, and the owner knows of her guilt.  Next thing any of us knows, they are sleeping together.  The bile continually bubbles up.

Now there are two things in life that I just can’t stand in other people and also I am completely incapable of…

Stealing and Cheating On Someone!!!!

Now it seems I am working in an office where the two posterchildren seem to thrive.  And this is why I want to leave.

I know I can’t do anything about the cheating boss…that’s something that he can deal with when his wife finds out.  But I have, as a point of fact, expressed my dislike of working with someone who has been proven to steal from the office.  Because I told the owner that I was concerned about working with someone proven to be untrustworthy, both he AND she have suddenly decided that I have rocked their boat (the Titanic) beyond their liking.  And because of this, I have become the pariah.

It really sucks.  I mean I fully understand that there is always going to be a little of the office politics/drama no matter where you work.  Life – especially work life – is its own ball of stresses.  This, however, is another animal entirely.  The fact that I am now being treated horridly (no exaggeration) every single day since I voiced my original concerns has manifested itself in what feels like an ulcer and my nerves are completely shot.

I would rather be unemployed (temporarily) than to continue watching my health fade for the sake of two very horrible people.

So here is where we are currently…I’ve managed to save some money thanks to the fact that my job came with an apartment.  So in addition to not having to pay rent, we also didn’t have to pay for PG&E (gas & electric) because it was included in the contract, and also our cable was greatly reduced since there are over 100 units here and managers get that deal.  Not to mention the vehicle insurance went down over $120 per month…finally.  So, out of my monthly salary, I was able to save a few grand.

The problem now is do I risk blowing through our savings and THEN having the owner decide to axe me because of my reaction to his falandering with the current office thief (which he has eluded to several times last week AND this morning)?  Or do I chuck this horrible situation, move Seth and I out of this shitty ghetto and then try like hell to get a job picking up dog poop in the parks (which I am not above doing if needs be)?

It’s a sticky choice no matter which one we make, to be sure.  But Seth has already started packing up our apartment just in case.

Oh, and we did find the cutest two-bedroom closer to his job that is the same (normal) price as our current one, but is 300 s.f. larger, has both a front patio AND a sizable back yard, AND a washer/dryer included AND accepts small pets with no deposit.

Okay, so what do you think?  You know how I value your opinions.

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12 Responses to “World Keeps On Spinnin’”

  1. Ricardo said

    Wow, and I thought my life sucked.

    In my most serious tone of voice, I say, don’t make a move rashly.

    Second, make damn sure you are keeping a journal of everything that goes down at work… what was said, who said it, exactly what terms were used (fag, thief, stealing, etc) and note what date you informed him. Keep a copy of all correspondence, notices, proposed date to leave, etc.

    Get your move ready so that you are OUT of his appartment before he expects you to go. Make sure your utilities are pre-paid, or at least informed what the last date you will be present and responsible for them. Ask for a final accounting and if possible, make a pre-payment of that amount to show good faith in wanting to leave cleanly. That will protect your credit and clarify so that there are not hidden charges added to your bill or claims of unpaid balances.

    Document, document, document.
    DO NOT go to his wife about anything.
    DO NOT confront him or the mistress.
    You’ve already rocked their boat. Leave cleanly and calmly.
    It should be clear that rather than fire her, he’s now got leverage over her to force her to sleep with him. How else can you explain his getting into bed with an accused thief?

    When seeking new employment, be honest about giving complete full notice before leaving. Don’t sling mud about the reason why you left. A simple explanation that you witnessed and reported theft to the management and the report was ignored should be enough. You can explain later the sleeping arrangements if it get to that point. I would not go into slurs or sexual preference discrimination unless the new employer brings it up. It might send up a red flag that you’re a problem waiting to happen. You can explain the politics of what was said AFTER the theft report AFTER you’re hired if necessary, but I don’t think I’d lead with that angle when trying to land a job, don’t you?

    I’m worried about you two, and realize an earlier humorous comment may have seemed crass and poorly timed now. Sorry.

    Keep your sense of humor.
    It’s the best medicine… as Seth must know.
    Good luck.

    PS: I hear that Arnold “Terminator” S is looking for ways to slash the budget and get it back in line. I don’t think that dog do-do job will be around much longer, so don’t hold your breath, eh?

  2. Brian said

    P.S. your fly is open

  3. Brian said

    OOOO! MY opinion? Well…I wrote a song about it wanna hear here it go.

    GET OUT!


    Daniel, you’ve known me for a few years now and you’ve seen me with my ups and downs with my OWN current working situation. Seth being my new BFF4EVR has started to get a taste of it through my rantings in my personal emails to him.

    So that being said and showing you that I’m basing this suggestion on known personal experience. GET THE HELL OUT. Moving, yet staying there is only:
    A. Going to make your daily life there even MORE miserable because along with everything else, with you moving, that’s saying that you really are no longer a “team player.”
    B. Get you fired and you’ll be moving on anyway.
    so just get while the getting is good and the decision is yours and you can keep control of the situation.

    I would’ve bailed years ago if I could’ve. But since I work for family….I’m not QUITE in the same boat as you are. But I have been and guess what? I BAILED and was sooooo happy to make a new start on my own terms and not because I’d just had my butt tossed out into the company parking lot.

    You’ll be fine. You’ve pulled through rougher spots before my friend. Just remember, if you do what I say and it doesn’t work out…..this comment will self-destruct in 10 seconds and I’ll say to my dying breath that I’ve never heard of any of you people. 🙂

    seriously..I say go for it. 🙂

    • Daniel said

      That’s been my gut feeling all along, B. As scary as HELL as it is to jump ship into the unknown waters of temporary unemployment, it pales in the face of the daily stress and (I think an ulcer) also the unknown of this place. Besides, I have to get Seth out of here…after all, this is no place to raise a child. 🙂

      • Brian said

        Well, since you wanted a Seth, you have to take care of it. Yes, yes. You need to get it out of there.

        Now, you’ll be fine, Daniel. I promise. You have Seth to help you through it. But I swear you’ll be fine.

        Now, tell all your readers to clap with me.
        Clap loudly and yell that they believe in you! CLAP LOUDER! YELL LOUDER! “WE BELIEVE IN YOU, DANIEL!”

        i mean clap together.

        *looks nervously around to see if anyone heard him talking about getting the clap*

        • Daniel said

          I think the topic of today’s post will be about perforated ulcers. Ugh!!!

          • Brian said

            okay. we can talk about those.

            according to Wikipedia:

            A perforated ulcer, also known as a bleeding ulcer. A very seriouscondition where an untreated ulcer can burn through the wall of the stomach (or other areas of the gastrointestinal tract), allowing digestive juices and food to leech into the abdominal cavity. Treatment generally requires immediate surgery.[3] The ulcer is known initially as a peptic ulcer before the ulcer burns through the full thickness of the stomach or duodenal wall. A diagnosis is made by taking an X-ray of the stomach area (seeking air under the diaphragm). This is in fact one of the very few occasions in modern time where surgery is undertaken to treat an ulcer.[1] Many of the perforated ulcers have been attributed to the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.[4] The incidence of perforated ulcer is steadily declining, though there are still incidents where it occurs.[5] Causes include smoking and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).[5] A perforated ulcer can be grouped into a Stercoral perforation which involves a number of different things that causes perforation of the intestine wall.

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