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A Boy Named “SUE”

Posted by Daniel on July 29, 2009

My ex-boss is a...

My Ex-Boss

Well, we’re back…again.

Been in the new condo (so wierd to say that after spending so much time in those shit-hole apartments I used to run) for a couple of weeks now and it’s like night and day.

  • No flock of unsupervised brats running around all “Lord of the Flies” like. In fact, in two weeks we’ve seen maybe three or four kids anywhere here and those we have seen have actually been polite and I even saw one pick up a piece of trash loosed by the garbage truck.
  • No constant buzzing of helicopters overhead day and night. It’s almost eerily quiet…which is still a little hard to get used to.
  • No one knocking on our door after hours complaining about this or that…which makes it easier to not be so afraid of our doorbell.
  • Oh, and NO F-ing Asshole BOSS hovering around trying to get me to walk the property till midnight.

So we’ve been slowly but surely getting the new place unpacked and stuff put up. Thing is, there is so much more room here that we now see that we need more furniture. Since we went from 725 sf to 1200 sf, there is now too much open space.

There’s so much room, in fact, that we decided our little dog, Kitty, looked more lonely and bored than ever, so we decided to adopt a new kitten, which we’ve named “Puppy”. Hey, we’re that bass-ackward.

On the job side, Seth got a full-time job this past Monday and now he’s working both that and his part-time job at Brookstone. He’s trying to decide if he still wants to work there, but he wants to do both for as long as he can. He is now also working for a place called LifeTouch (school photography). A pretty cool gig. Ask him about it.

As for me, the new job search continues. Was approached by the agency I was working for last year, so that looks promising.

Then there’s the handful of lawsuits I have going against the ex-boss.

  • First there’s the filing of unemployment. He is trying to contest it because he HATES any of his ex-employees (and there have been MANY) getting something out of quitting on his lying, cheating, racist, cheap ass. We’ll see how that goes.
  • Then there’s the complaint I’ve filed with the State of California Labor Commission for unpaid wages. A total of 654 overtime hours that he has refused to pay since day-one. It comes to (depending on how you break down his screwed up figures) between $9,201.78 and $12,000.90. Again, he is contesting that because ne HOW wants to claim that I was an “EXEMPT” employee, even though my contract STATES the opposite. Yeah, he’s that fucked up.
  • Add to that the lawsuit I have filed against him for sexual discrimination, harrasment and verbal abuse. All of which has been thoroughly documented. His verbal admission AND the fact that I have it all on video kinda puts him in the corner. But he STILL said he’s going to fight it. Really, calling me a “FAG” and then telling me “it’s just a word and a real man can’t be hurt by a simple word”. Well, this REAL MAN plans to rake his ass across the coals for his ignorance. Not to mention the fact that some lawyers in L.A. have decided to take the case against him for all of that, plus several other code/employment violations. This one he KNOW’S he earned because he has been trying desperately to get me to let go. Though he told me I will fail because he “always wins in the end”.

I don’t care if I don’t make a damn dime off of all of this, so long as all of this can bring him down and knock some sense into him. But I really doubt he will learn from this, because, as he’s stated many times, “I go to court every Tuesday, so go ahead and try. See what happens to you.” When he says that, I just tell him, “Good, then you’ll know when to be there!!!.”

Seriously, there’s a lot going on around here and I didn’t want any of it. But this man has shown that he is, indeed, the devil. And for every wrong he’s committed on not only me, but everyone before and after, he is going to get his due.


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Setting Up The New Nest

Posted by Daniel on July 23, 2009

We are still alive…LOL. Heard there were a bunch of people asking what happened to us and where we were.

Just finished moving into the new diggs…still much to do.

Be patient…we will be online SOON.

P.S. Oh and Brian…if you were so dang worried, you’d just call or text. 😉

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Scraping Joy From Each Day

Posted by Daniel on July 13, 2009

We had a pretty good weekend…well, mostly on Sunday.  Saturday I had to work so that kinda sucked.

Yesterday morning we had to be over at the new condo to let the carpet cleaner in.  While we were heading over there, my BFF Theresa called me to let us know they were going out to the lake for some boating/fun.  Did we wanna go?

Well, duh, T…that’s a “YES” on every invite.

Then she tells me that my soon-to-be ex-boss (who lives nextdoor to her and my brother) was also going.


My ONE and only day off EVER every week and I want to spend it boating with the asshole who has been the cause of his soon-to-be-harassment/discrimination lawsuit?

Not without a court order!!!

Fortunately, he has his own boat and, from all evidence, can’t drive it very well.

Seth and I wrapped up at the condo, called Theresa and told her and my brother to just meet us at the lake dock (with THEIR boat), and then we drove on up into the hills to wait for them.  My boss got there shortly after we did.  So we did what any mature adults would do…we ducked first behind a public bathroom and then ran and hid between two gigantic trucks.  About ten minutes after that, my brother and Theresa pulled up and Seth and I jumped into the boat.

My brother can back a boat into a lake like the BEST pro and we were launched and cove-bound in minutes.  Looking back, we noticed my boss still struggling to get his boat actually IN the water without crashing it into the docks.  Kinda like watching a drunk guy playing “Operation”.

So somehow we managed to lose the boss/ass-hat in our wake and off we sped to meet up with real friends.

We floated, talked, gossiped, ate and laughed for hours.  All the while Seth was getting “mentally” (Bud Light Mentally) prepared to go water skiing.

Let me tell you, no one makes falling on ski’s look more graceful OR funny than Seth.  Don’t get me wrong, he has never been water skiing until we moved here and he doesn’t get to do it but a few times per summer.  And he still manages to stay up for a good spell…cheesily grinning all the while.  So when he gets up he is really pretty good.  When he face-plants…he’s a master.  You can see a sample of his skiing prowess here and here.

Yeah, I’m still nervous about the upcoming unemployment and lawsuit against the boss, not to mention the move to the new place.  In fact, my tummy hurts horribly every time I think about all of this and the harassment/discrimination.

But then you have a great day like Seth and I had yesterday and you think to yourself, “you know, I’m just happy knowing that MY “Silver Lining” survived another round of water skiing.”

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Do I Have A Case?

Posted by Daniel on July 10, 2009

Okay, so many of you know from recent posts that I have put in my 2-week notice and we are getting everything ready for the move coming this Sunday.

A scary leap, to be sure, but one that we decided was for the best overall.  Keeping the current economy and, by extension, the utter lack of viable jobs available, we really had to pick between the lesser of two evils…

  1. Continue working for a man who refuses to pay me on time – sometimes up to a week or more past scheduled pay days.  Who also screams at the top of his lungs in rage fits about things that have absolutely nothing to do with work.  Who also both calls me, other employees and all the tenants horrible names (fag, the n-word, pigs, etc.).
  2. Get out of this stress-filled hostile environment and trade it for the stress of finding and gaining employment anywhere else, hopefully soon.

It’s a pretty icky choice no matter which way we turn.  And I’ve had a lot of people tell me I’m insane to leave even a late-paying hostile job in these hard times.  Ordinarily I would wholeheartedly agree with that, however there is also the fact that I want to get Seth and I out of both this hostility as well as this horrid neighborhood where we aren’t even safe walking down the street to the store or taking a walk anywhere.  Seriously, there is rarely a night we don’t hear gunshots and see helicopters circling around overhead.

Besides, I think I might have a pretty strong case of discrimination and/or harassment against this man for the whole “fag” incident.  I hear that California law really frowns on that sort of stuff.  Not to mention the labor laws here that say that for every day your employer is late in paying you beyond your scheduled pay date, it’s an extra $100 per day they have to pay you.  This last pay period I was supposed to be paid on the 1st (I am salary and my pay dates are the 1st & 15th of each month, according to my contract) and he held on to my check until the 6th.  He does this every time.

Ever since he found out that I became aware of the “fag” comment and subsequently submitted my 2-week notice, he was doing everything he could to make me change my mind.  Even going so far as to have his accountant (who actually used the f-word about me to him and he didn’t even so much as reprimand her for it) try to convince me not to quit.

I think he knows how serious this situation really is and how potentially damaging to him it could be.  So he thinks if I change my mind (which will never happen) and stay, then the heat is off of him.

Whatever the outcome, I just want to get us the hell out of here and on a fresh track.  We had a very hard time getting on our feet when we moved here last year, so at least we know what to expect this time.  And we are ready for that.  Like I told Seth, I will get a job picking up dog poop in the park if I have to.  I have never shied away from work and refuse to pass up any occupational opportunity.

But what do you think?

Do I have a case?

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Gone Too Soon

Posted by Daniel on July 7, 2009

We loved him…We Believed him…We will miss him…


Thank you, Usher…

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Celebrate Our Independence

Posted by Daniel on July 3, 2009

In keeping with the current posting theme of late, and considering we will soon be free of the tyrant (my boss), we are looking forward to celebrating our independence tomorrow.

Everyone have a safe and happy 4th of July.


P.S.  I LOVE this picture.  Kinda tells you how UN-concerned parents were with their childrens’ safety back then, huh?

“Here ya go, hun…you hold these together and Daddykins will light them for you.  Don’t wanna burn yourself on those hot matches.  Now hold them tight and don’t move your head or your picture will come out all blurry.”

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2-Week Notice

Posted by Daniel on July 2, 2009

This morning, my employer will walk into the office and find a letter from me informing him that I am putting in my two-week notice.

Yeah, that’s a pretty heavy thing to do, I know.  Not to mention scary and risky in these uncertain economic times.

Trust me when I say that Seth and I have talked long and hard about this and have weighed out all the options from all angles.  We have debated the pro’s & con’s over and over until we were blue in the face.

And we’ve decided it’s time to get away from this place.  You can read the straw that broke the camel’s back below, then tell me how stupid we are:


To: NAME REDACTEDPhotobucket
Re: 2-Week Notice

Dear Sir:

This letter is to serve as my 2-week notice of intent to terminate my employment here at Villa Hermosa.  My last day will be Wednesday, July 15, 2009.

While I loved working here and feel that I learned quite a lot in a relatively short time, I feel for the past month or so that there has been too much dishonesty and tension from you and your accountant in this office.  Another reason is the fact that you refuse to ever pay me on time, sometimes making me wait weeks after every payday to be paid.  Today I found out (from your accountant Renae) that your accountant, Renae, was talking to you about me and referred to me as a “Fag”.  Her words were, “I can’t work with this fag!!”.  This by her own admission.  By her still being employed here and not even reprimanded by you for this, I cannot help but feel that this form of discrimination and harassment is also acceptable to you.  None of this is conducive to a healthy work environment and continues to take our focus off of the bigger picture…that being the care and maintenance of the property as well as the concerns of you and the tenants.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, as well as the best of luck with your current staff.

Many thanks for the opportunity to work beside you and to learn all that I have learned, and I hope that I was able to contribute some good to the properties as a whole.



Daniel L. Anderson
Agent/Property Manager
Villa Hermosa Apts.
(559) ***-9609
(559) ***-8918 – fax

Okay, it was a bit on the “wordy” side, I know, but I felt given the circumstances, he should know just what kind of a pickle he and his new sleep partner (oops, did I forget to mention that???) have now put themselves in.

Funny thing about California…they take this kind of treatment very seriously.

So although I will be soon looking for employment and that possibly lenghthy process scares the shit out of me, we are both still very glad to be soon leaving this place and this man.


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