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2-Week Notice

Posted by Daniel on July 2, 2009

This morning, my employer will walk into the office and find a letter from me informing him that I am putting in my two-week notice.

Yeah, that’s a pretty heavy thing to do, I know.  Not to mention scary and risky in these uncertain economic times.

Trust me when I say that Seth and I have talked long and hard about this and have weighed out all the options from all angles.  We have debated the pro’s & con’s over and over until we were blue in the face.

And we’ve decided it’s time to get away from this place.  You can read the straw that broke the camel’s back below, then tell me how stupid we are:


To: NAME REDACTEDPhotobucket
Re: 2-Week Notice

Dear Sir:

This letter is to serve as my 2-week notice of intent to terminate my employment here at Villa Hermosa.  My last day will be Wednesday, July 15, 2009.

While I loved working here and feel that I learned quite a lot in a relatively short time, I feel for the past month or so that there has been too much dishonesty and tension from you and your accountant in this office.  Another reason is the fact that you refuse to ever pay me on time, sometimes making me wait weeks after every payday to be paid.  Today I found out (from your accountant Renae) that your accountant, Renae, was talking to you about me and referred to me as a “Fag”.  Her words were, “I can’t work with this fag!!”.  This by her own admission.  By her still being employed here and not even reprimanded by you for this, I cannot help but feel that this form of discrimination and harassment is also acceptable to you.  None of this is conducive to a healthy work environment and continues to take our focus off of the bigger picture…that being the care and maintenance of the property as well as the concerns of you and the tenants.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, as well as the best of luck with your current staff.

Many thanks for the opportunity to work beside you and to learn all that I have learned, and I hope that I was able to contribute some good to the properties as a whole.



Daniel L. Anderson
Agent/Property Manager
Villa Hermosa Apts.
(559) ***-9609
(559) ***-8918 – fax

Okay, it was a bit on the “wordy” side, I know, but I felt given the circumstances, he should know just what kind of a pickle he and his new sleep partner (oops, did I forget to mention that???) have now put themselves in.

Funny thing about California…they take this kind of treatment very seriously.

So although I will be soon looking for employment and that possibly lenghthy process scares the shit out of me, we are both still very glad to be soon leaving this place and this man.


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7 Responses to “2-Week Notice”

  1. Brian said

    It took me a few days to realize what I had read. You did not say you were going to drink a Zima?

    what are you? a 22 year old college student???

  2. Kirk G said

    I just don’t know what to think about this.
    I’m worried for you both, but it certainly sounds untenable.

    Take care, laugh a lot, and watch your step, OK.
    Have a relaxing and great 4th anyway!

  3. Brian said

    Well, it’s 5:00 p.m. here so I know you’re probably not going to get to this for few hours from now. But….for what it’s worth I’m proud of ya. Take the weekend off. Get good and plastered. Breathe for a minute and hug your man a lot. I high-fived you just now but you didn’t see it. You were looking through the wrong window. Now get outta my yard. 🙂

    love ya lots.

    • Daniel said

      Yeah, I plan to grab me an ice-cold refreshing bottle of Zima and kick my heels off over the weekend as a pseudo-celebratory moments of “victory”. Shame there isn’t one of those flavored International coffees to mark such a grand occasion.

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