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Scraping Joy From Each Day

Posted by Daniel on July 13, 2009

We had a pretty good weekend…well, mostly on Sunday.  Saturday I had to work so that kinda sucked.

Yesterday morning we had to be over at the new condo to let the carpet cleaner in.  While we were heading over there, my BFF Theresa called me to let us know they were going out to the lake for some boating/fun.  Did we wanna go?

Well, duh, T…that’s a “YES” on every invite.

Then she tells me that my soon-to-be ex-boss (who lives nextdoor to her and my brother) was also going.


My ONE and only day off EVER every week and I want to spend it boating with the asshole who has been the cause of his soon-to-be-harassment/discrimination lawsuit?

Not without a court order!!!

Fortunately, he has his own boat and, from all evidence, can’t drive it very well.

Seth and I wrapped up at the condo, called Theresa and told her and my brother to just meet us at the lake dock (with THEIR boat), and then we drove on up into the hills to wait for them.  My boss got there shortly after we did.  So we did what any mature adults would do…we ducked first behind a public bathroom and then ran and hid between two gigantic trucks.  About ten minutes after that, my brother and Theresa pulled up and Seth and I jumped into the boat.

My brother can back a boat into a lake like the BEST pro and we were launched and cove-bound in minutes.  Looking back, we noticed my boss still struggling to get his boat actually IN the water without crashing it into the docks.  Kinda like watching a drunk guy playing “Operation”.

So somehow we managed to lose the boss/ass-hat in our wake and off we sped to meet up with real friends.

We floated, talked, gossiped, ate and laughed for hours.  All the while Seth was getting “mentally” (Bud Light Mentally) prepared to go water skiing.

Let me tell you, no one makes falling on ski’s look more graceful OR funny than Seth.  Don’t get me wrong, he has never been water skiing until we moved here and he doesn’t get to do it but a few times per summer.  And he still manages to stay up for a good spell…cheesily grinning all the while.  So when he gets up he is really pretty good.  When he face-plants…he’s a master.  You can see a sample of his skiing prowess here and here.

Yeah, I’m still nervous about the upcoming unemployment and lawsuit against the boss, not to mention the move to the new place.  In fact, my tummy hurts horribly every time I think about all of this and the harassment/discrimination.

But then you have a great day like Seth and I had yesterday and you think to yourself, “you know, I’m just happy knowing that MY “Silver Lining” survived another round of water skiing.”

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7 Responses to “Scraping Joy From Each Day”

  1. Brian said

    Where are you? How you two doin? You never write anymore. My feelings are hurt.

  2. Brian said

    What are your colors going to be? CAN you paint? Are you looking for an interior decorator? I will do it. In my head, I beat out David Bromstad. I’m thinking that maybe we need to rip up that carpet instead of cleaning it. Maybe even a real beach house feel with sand on the floors and some planters shaped like dunes with tall grasses right in the center of the room! OOOO! and some real birds to fly around the whole place!!! YEAH!!!!

    I’m excited!!!!

  3. Kirk said

    I can see from those video clips what it is that attracts you so much to him… the grace… the skill… the athleticism…
    how studly…

    • Daniel said

      Yeah…all that and an I.Q. over 30. I can smell the envy.

      • Kirk G said

        So when do we get an update or something “funny” from Seth? Except for that obviously faked (no one could be THAT bad at skiing…) footage, we’ve heard nothing from “the studly one” for months now…

        • Daniel said

          Well, I dunno who this “studly one” is, but he sure sounds hot and quite talented. Wait a minute!!! HE’S the “studly one”?!?! Okay, you got me there. Maybe he’s too busy being “studly” to write. I hear that’s a very taxing activity.

          • Kirk G said

            Yeah, writing is hard work. But so’s laying around half nude tempting your partner…working out, staying buff, waterskiing, or at least trying to… LOL!

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