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A Boy Named “SUE”

Posted by Daniel on July 29, 2009

My ex-boss is a...

My Ex-Boss

Well, we’re back…again.

Been in the new condo (so wierd to say that after spending so much time in those shit-hole apartments I used to run) for a couple of weeks now and it’s like night and day.

  • No flock of unsupervised brats running around all “Lord of the Flies” like. In fact, in two weeks we’ve seen maybe three or four kids anywhere here and those we have seen have actually been polite and I even saw one pick up a piece of trash loosed by the garbage truck.
  • No constant buzzing of helicopters overhead day and night. It’s almost eerily quiet…which is still a little hard to get used to.
  • No one knocking on our door after hours complaining about this or that…which makes it easier to not be so afraid of our doorbell.
  • Oh, and NO F-ing Asshole BOSS hovering around trying to get me to walk the property till midnight.

So we’ve been slowly but surely getting the new place unpacked and stuff put up. Thing is, there is so much more room here that we now see that we need more furniture. Since we went from 725 sf to 1200 sf, there is now too much open space.

There’s so much room, in fact, that we decided our little dog, Kitty, looked more lonely and bored than ever, so we decided to adopt a new kitten, which we’ve named “Puppy”. Hey, we’re that bass-ackward.

On the job side, Seth got a full-time job this past Monday and now he’s working both that and his part-time job at Brookstone. He’s trying to decide if he still wants to work there, but he wants to do both for as long as he can. He is now also working for a place called LifeTouch (school photography). A pretty cool gig. Ask him about it.

As for me, the new job search continues. Was approached by the agency I was working for last year, so that looks promising.

Then there’s the handful of lawsuits I have going against the ex-boss.

  • First there’s the filing of unemployment. He is trying to contest it because he HATES any of his ex-employees (and there have been MANY) getting something out of quitting on his lying, cheating, racist, cheap ass. We’ll see how that goes.
  • Then there’s the complaint I’ve filed with the State of California Labor Commission for unpaid wages. A total of 654 overtime hours that he has refused to pay since day-one. It comes to (depending on how you break down his screwed up figures) between $9,201.78 and $12,000.90. Again, he is contesting that because ne HOW wants to claim that I was an “EXEMPT” employee, even though my contract STATES the opposite. Yeah, he’s that fucked up.
  • Add to that the lawsuit I have filed against him for sexual discrimination, harrasment and verbal abuse. All of which has been thoroughly documented. His verbal admission AND the fact that I have it all on video kinda puts him in the corner. But he STILL said he’s going to fight it. Really, calling me a “FAG” and then telling me “it’s just a word and a real man can’t be hurt by a simple word”. Well, this REAL MAN plans to rake his ass across the coals for his ignorance. Not to mention the fact that some lawyers in L.A. have decided to take the case against him for all of that, plus several other code/employment violations. This one he KNOW’S he earned because he has been trying desperately to get me to let go. Though he told me I will fail because he “always wins in the end”.

I don’t care if I don’t make a damn dime off of all of this, so long as all of this can bring him down and knock some sense into him. But I really doubt he will learn from this, because, as he’s stated many times, “I go to court every Tuesday, so go ahead and try. See what happens to you.” When he says that, I just tell him, “Good, then you’ll know when to be there!!!.”

Seriously, there’s a lot going on around here and I didn’t want any of it. But this man has shown that he is, indeed, the devil. And for every wrong he’s committed on not only me, but everyone before and after, he is going to get his due.


2 Responses to “A Boy Named “SUE””

  1. Brian said

    I knew it would’ve been pointless to call. You two have been too busy to talk from what I’m reading!!!! I’m so glad that you two have refreshed yourselves with new space. New space it great, isn’t it? Have you two ran around naked in every room singing Mambo Italiano yet? You should do that. love you guys.

  2. Kirk said

    So, Seth, tell us about your photography job and your other part time work. Why didn’t you reveal that you were a child photographer earlier? Or is the restraining order still in effect? LOL!

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