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Another Week Staring At The Question Mark

Posted by Daniel on August 31, 2009

That's The Question

Well, a week after the phone interview with Unemployment and they said they will be sending me the claim forms to fill out for all the weeks I’ve been out of work since July 15.

They never sent them. Now I have to attempt to get through to them today to see what the status of the investigation is, as well as beg for the oft-promised, never-received claim forms. I’ve already tried calling them nine times this morning, but their automated service keeps hanging up on me after it’s 25-minute info-dump.

Then there was the meeting Tuesday with the Labor Board. Seth and I arrived expecting to see the ex-boss sitting across the table from us with his usual smarmy self-confident grin. But he never showed up. We were told that he was granted extra time due to “extenuating circumstances“. Whatever the hell that was.

So they gave Seth and I a form to fill out, then I was called into the meeting room for a one-on-one with the case worker. He wanted to go over the figures with me to make sure there were no mistakes. Then he told me that a “Final Formal Hearing” would be held sometime in September and as soon as the date was set, whomever failed to show up for that (he or me), would forfeit their claim. And they told him that no matter what the “circumstances”, he had better show up.

I know he will be there for that one because he won’t part with any amount of money, no matter how much his guilt was spread across the table in front of him.

I plan to bring up a settlement at that hearing that, if his attorney is worth his/her salt, will probably encourage him to take. If he pays the FULL amount owed and shown on my Labor Claim Form ($18,817.56), then I will drop the pending lawsuit against him that could end up costing him at least four times that much in the end…as well as all court/attorney fees. I personally doubt he’ll go for that or any judgment against him, as (while working for him) I witnessed him stating that if he stalled the process long enough, whomever had a claim against him would always give up and walk away.


Rest assured Seth and I gave him notice that we have absolutely no intention of EVER walking away from this until it’s inevitable legal conclusion has been reached and he has paid for what he’s done.

And, again, I’d like to restate something here that seems to be getting lost on some of our readers (hence their rather stern emails)…

I am not one of those people who looks for and pounces on ANY opportunity to sue someone. I don’t look for the slick spot in the isles of Walmart; Walk face-first into a (clearly marked “OUT OF ORDER“) automatically-opening door at the grocery store and I don’t intentionally order something at a restaurant that I am clearly allergic to.

Hell, back in 1996, I lost 75% of the vision in my right eye due to an infection I got while waiting in an emergency room…and I didn’t sue the hospital!!! (yeah, I know…lol)

No, I don’t look upon the current circumstances with Unemployment, Labor and Pending Lawsuit against this ex-employer as my “road to riches”. I honestly have no clue WHAT the man will be ordered to pay by either case. But when I say that I want this man to pay for what he’s done, I mean what he’s done not only to me, but to every employee he’s wronged (which is all of them – past & present) and every tenant he’s screwed (some literally, then evicted) over. He’s gotten away with so much for so long and it’s time he FINALLY shown that he is, in fact, NOT above the law. (ask him, he’ll tell you to your face that he IS!!!)

I know I ain’t nobody’s “Norma Rae“, nor do I plan to be (until I go back into politics). But I’ll be damned if I’m going to let this bastard get away with what he put me (and by extension Seth) through. Eight months of living hell.

Oh, and don’t tell me (Mike75) that I haven’t had it any harder than anyone else. Ordinarily I’d be the first to agree with you…except for the fact that this person is vicious, immoral, malicious, violent, cruel, vainglorious and a gazillion other adjectives that you’d use to describe Satan. Most people wouldn’t last a month with that man (he’s already lost two managers just since I left there July 15), much less eight. That should serve as testament that I would rather work things out than sue for nothing (krazkimm).

Anyway, I need to get back on the phone, that automated recording isn’t going to just hang up on itself, you know.

Have a great week, all.


One Response to “Another Week Staring At The Question Mark”

  1. Brian said

    Well……I’m gathering from the end of your blog today that you are being hit pretty hard with some pretty harsh things. I feel that as your buddy, I am going to have to step in front of you and hold my arms out and say the typical, “you gotta go through me first” speech. I would like to remind your readers that what you are doing is for monies that are ALREADY owed to you for HOURS ALREADY WORKED that you were never paid for. I think some are forgetting that. Also, I’m sure everyone that has ever gotten a paycheck knows, taxes have to be paid out of your income as well. I seriously doubt you think that this is some get rich quick scheme. Under the kitchen sink mounted water purifiers are though. But anyway, you stick to guns bubba.

    While you are not my Norma Rae, you are my Shelby. So, go drink your juice and tell Seth hi for me while you’re at it.

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