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All In A Days Work

Posted by Daniel on September 16, 2009

This past weekend, Seth and I had sort of a “Girls’ Night Out” with my sister in-law Theresa and her friend Lorena.  Both their husbands were on the coast on a work project and the gals wanted to do something.  At first, the guys were pissed that their wives were planning a night out while they were gone, but then Theresa told them that Seth and I were going to be with them, somehow Terry and Mark did an emotional one-eighty.  Suddenly those guys couldn’t be more pleased about their wives hitting the town.  Obviously Seth and I would watch out for the girls, but for the husbands to act like Theresa and Lorena were going out in a Sherman Tank sort of irked me.  What if Seth and I wanted to get the gals plastered and hustle them out to butch women or something?

Yeah, Theresa and Lorena are the poster children of “Lipstick”…and ripe for the picking.

Of course we were game.

First we went to a jazz club to see an old friend of Theresa’s perform.  He was great.  Sang a lot of my old favorites and we had a great time…especially watching Theresa and Lorena beging a night of drinking.  I already know Lorena can put it away…Crown on the rocks…and she ain’t no sipper.  Theresa stuck with a mild Cape Cod.

After the show, Theresa and Lorena had an itch to go to a gay bar.  You know, to see how the “other half” live.

So we took them to a club called “The Circle”.  I hate this place because it’s SO boring.  Techno music, Trannies, Trolls and Twinks galore.  All we ever do there (on the Oh-So-Rare occasion I even WANT to go) is stand inside near the bar and make fun of people with our friends.  Then after ten minutes of that, we go outside to the patio, smoke and make fun of people with our friends.  Twenty minutes later, we go back inside and start the process all over again.  Two hours of this and I’m bored out of my skull.  During that time I MIGHT finish off one beer (because I’m a lightweight).  And since I don’t drink like Seth and the rest of them do, it’s hard to keep up with them…and it’s even harder to not yawn my guts out because these guys can stay there for eight hours and never get bored.

Anyways, with Theresa and Lorena in tow, we had a great time…me especially.  Somewhere during one of their many bathroom runs, the gals managed to hit the dance floor and go all Dirty Dancing.  Sorry we missed that.

Theresa spent 90% of the night asking, “Is that a guy or a girl?”


The following Monday, Seth and I had our hearing at the Labor Commission against the ex-boss.

Long story short on that is that we ended up settling the case for one-third the total claim amount.  There was no choice.  The asshole was willing to fight it out for another month and Seth and I just couldn’t afford to wait that long.  (he has a wedding back in West Virginia to attend in a couple of weeks and I wasn’t about to let him down on that)

The good thing is that the ex-boss thinks that was the end of his woes.  He still has no clue that there is a MAJOR lawsuit against him in the works.  Where he may have had the upper hand at the Labor Board, when it comes to Liable, Sexual Harassmant and several other WELL-DOCUMENTED charges, he is screwed.  The attorneys have informed me that even if he tries to make a settlement on THIS case, the laws are on MY side this time and that settlement offer will have to be substantial.

More on that as we get closer to it.


One Response to “All In A Days Work”

  1. Brian said

    OOOOOOO!!!! I was wondering how that panned out! Good for you guys!

    Remember. There is no “I” in win. No wait, yes there is. There’s no “I” in team. Yeah. that’s it.


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