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It All Leads Up To Trying To Keep Up

Posted by Daniel on September 23, 2009


These days everyone understands what it’s like to have little-to-no time to stop and smell the roses.

Hell, with the economy and current events being as they are, you’re lucky to FIND the rose garden. And for those lucky (or rich) enough to find it, even you still run the risk of either being stung by the economic bee or pricked by the political thorn.

Okay, I’ve beaten that metaphor down with a sledgehammer, I know. Just chalk it down to overactive brain…or just trying to work out a brain fart.

Anyway, my point is (or should I say was?) that every day seems to be packed. No rest for the wicked, you might say. Even though I continue the occupational safari of trying to find the perfect job (hell, at this point any job!!), it seems there is just never enough time in the day to get everything done. And with my ADHD/OCD, that makes for quite a day indeed.

Yeah, don’t tell me that collecting unemployment is just a “sit-on-your-fat-ass” job. Ain’t no such thing, perras!!!

First I had to take Kitty in for the “operation”…you know the one…where he gets changed from a Rooster to a Hen. LOL Yeah, and he’s been making us pay for it ever since. I should have known that wasn’t going to be so easy when the vet told me that Kitty had double Cryptorchidism. Sounds pretty, huh? Like his balls were suddenly hard to grow, temperamental and expensive. Well, actually, yeah. For those of you who (like me) never heard of Cryptorchidism, it’s where the little “hangers” on a cat or dog are actually on the inside. I always wondered why, when Kitty was romping around, he wasn’t swingin’, even at his age.

So our priceless dog became even more expensive by being an “innie” and not an “outie”. This raised the price of his Tranny-Surgery another forty bucks. And he thought we dressed his ass gay before!!! Wait till he (and everyone else) sees the outfits I found on a recent shopping spree.

Moving on…

I got a call from the Labor Board informing me that the asshole ex-boss finally dropped off the checks for the settlement. Seth had just gotten home and I told him that we had to get right over there to get them. Funny thing…on the way over there, I was half-jokingly telling him that, knowing the asshole ex-boss as I did, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if he “forgot” to sign the checks.

Guess what?

He “forgot” to sign the checks.

I hate always being right.

Now they have to be signed (still by tomorrow’s deadline) and then mailed to me. That asshole will do anything to delay/get out of paying what he actually owes.

While we’re waiting for this shit to play out, I am still trying to get Seth his plane tickets back home for his cousin’s wedding. The flight is pretty decent but the fucking car rental TRIPLES the price!!! While he is still trying to make some kind of arrangements with his family to “Drive Miss Daisy” (Like those people in Hooterville don’t have an extra horse & buggy!!!) (just kidding), so far it’s looking like Hertz or AVIS are going to be sending me a thank you note for the extra thousand bucks. Not to mention the gas, since he will be there over a week.

Don’t worry, Seth’s Family, I will get him there no matter what it takes.

Meanwhile on the job search side, I have two (yeah…TWO!!) interviews tomorrow. One as a Payroll Director with a company here in Fresno. This is a contract position for three months while someone there is out sick. But the pay would be fantastic!!! The other is at Starbucks. This was supposed to be today, but got pushed a day because of Manager meetings. No biggie. Gives me more time to tan, wax, spackle and sparkle. On the first interview for Payroll, I was supposed to take their assessment online and fill out their online application, but because I don’t use Windows at home (and also because my PC is turning into a VERY SLOW P.O.S. – I need an upgrade in the WORST way!!!), they are letting me do it all at their office tomorrow. Lucky me.

Anyhoo…gotta get back to scrubbing the floors (Seth is too cheap to buy me a Swifter)…so gotta go for now.  Will keep you posted an whatever the hell is happening tomorrow.  🙂


One Response to “It All Leads Up To Trying To Keep Up”

  1. Brian said

    JESUS you’re lazy. 🙂

    I thought I’d help you out and try to see if I could find any cheaper tickets on priceline, orbitz,, or hotwire. But, they don’t seem to have any flights arriving in Hooterville. Sorry. I tried.

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