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Sometimes Opportunity Knocks Too Often

Posted by Daniel on October 8, 2009

Okay, so it’s been a while. And judging from the Tweets, Comments, emails and IM’s I’ve been getting, this hasn’t gone as unnoticed as I originally thought.

So thank you all for not only noticing, but for your continued patronage.

First off, Seth went to visit family and friends and to attend a wedding in West Virginia for a week. He just got back this past Monday. Let me tell you, it was a very hard nine days to get through without him. And even though my BFF/Sister In-Law, Theresa, kept telling me to just enjoy the “Princess Time”, it was the first time in over 1 1/2 years that we had been separated.

Not fun…no, not one bit fun.

I can’t tell you how many texts we had between the two of us during that time. Thank goodness for unlimited texting.

While he was away enjoying his life/vacation, I was here doing yard work, major plant overhauling, house cleaning to the point of OCD and also having to keep telling our dog and cat that “Daddy moved away because he stopped loving you…probably because of something you did”.

You know, that usually has a better affect on actual children…pets just look at you like you moved their food dish.

Now, I won’t tell you everything Seth did while he was away…after all, he’d do a better job at that IF/WHEN he’d ever get his ass on here and write.

(Brian: I suggest you text him and guilt him into writing his story down here…he seems to listen to you. Gawd knows why!!)

I WILL, however, give you a visual image or two to help draw a picture…

Seth...a/k/a Anita Mann

Seth...a/k/a Anita Mann

I TOLD Him NOT To Flame Out In Front Of His Family!!!

I TOLD Him NOT To Flame Out In Front Of His Family!!!

Obviously, He Didn't Listen.

Obviously, He Didn't Listen.

Well, now that he’s back – and the fire, I presume, is out – it’s back to the daily grind for him. Actually, he’s a bit busier now. Last night he got a call from a local TV Station Manager wanting to interview him for a position on the 10 O’Clock News.

Great…just when we BOTH have adjusted to his manic schedule of his current two jobs, he wants to interview for this one as well.

Rebecca, can you help me explain to him the definition of “overextending oneself”?

Oh, and just a couple of add-on’s…

Yesterday morning he tried to walk out onto the front patio area, and ran face-first into the screen door. Then, after I finished pointing and laughing at him (because I use all the opportunities I can get), when he walked back indoors, he saw the TV and the news was showing a story on the new statue of Helen Keller being unveiled in Washington.

He actually asked me, “Helen Keller Died?”

Just before I started round two of pointing and laughing, I answered him, “Yeah, her husband, Fred Flintstone killed her.”

Geeze Seth…I think the folks from MENSA want to talk to you.


4 Responses to “Sometimes Opportunity Knocks Too Often”

  1. seth said

    Ok…first of all, Kirk, I was so busy I barely got to see most of my family. I really wanted to stop and see you guys, but a week wasn’t long enough. Maybe ill be closer to home within a year. At least that’s the plan were working on.

    Brian, you’re a bitch! LOL! Ok so I walk into a screen door. Give me a break. I just came back from YOUR “neck of the woods.”

    And I blame it all on the altitude changes. The wig,the fire, the door, the Helen Keller thing…I was just lacking blood flow in my brain.

    • Brian said

      OH don’t be trying to blame this on ME, mister. I live on the Kentucky/Indiana border! I’m not anywhere NEAR Virginia…….where YOU’RE from.

  2. Brian said

    I know that it’s probably not appropriate, but I’m taking this opportunity anyway. Am I the only one that found it slightly amusing that right after Seth WALKS INTO A DOOR….he turns around to see a story on the news about Helen Keller? I’m just sayin’.

    I am thinking that maybe it’s a sign. Door, Helen Keller, (blind faith is the hidden message here), a NEWS story on at that time, a JOB OFFER WITH THE LOCAL NEWS.

    Never ignore your signs and listen to your instincts, Seth.

    love you two very much.


  3. kirk said

    YOU SHIT, Seth.

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