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Let The Exercising Begin

Posted by Daniel on October 12, 2009

Well, we’ve finally decided to be more “California’-ish” and economy/ecology minded.  So we went and bought bikes.

Since both of our jobs are literally down the street from where we live, it just made more sense to save on gas and, at the same time, get a little exercise in the process.

And just in time for the rainy season (if you truly can call it that here in the land of never-rain).  Now I guess that in my bid to do more to save the planet, I need to get a plastic rain slicker.

Here are the new rides…

My little Pumpkin.

My little Pumpkin.

Seths is named the "Excitor".  Irony?  I think not!!!

Seths is named the "Excitor". Irony? I think not!!!


5 Responses to “Let The Exercising Begin”

  1. kirk said

  2. kirk said


  3. Brian said

    This is where I’m supposed to ask “Are you sure the seat is big enough?” But, because I’m your friend I won’t do it. Because, as your friend, I know it’s big enough. That’s why you got the bike and are going to start excercising.

    OMG! HAHAHA!!! Did you see how I swung that around like that? You thought I was going to make a fat joke, then I tricked you by dodging to the right and made you think I wasn’t going to and then I swung back around from the left and then POW! right in the nose! OH I swear I should get a job on a sitcom or something! I’m good!
    and with all this wit and wonder, why am I still single? I don’t know.

    • Daniel said

      Wait…all that “wit” and you’re still single? Let’s hypothesize why that might be, shall we?

      Brian’s “WIT”…

      Hmmm. Not a clue. Oh wait a minute, you cleverly left off all the correct words:




      That’s okay, though. With that special talent of walking up and sniffing the bike seats of perfect strangers, a catch like you (ugh) won’t be single for long.

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