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Seffy’s Big Adventure

Posted by Daniel on November 24, 2009

Yeah, it’s been a while.  We know that.  And we do apologize to those readers/subscribers who have written to find out what was happening on this end.  Well, allow me to lay it all out there for you…

Seth just finished up the season with one of his jobs (which runs Jan 15 thru Nov 15 each year.  With this time freed up for him, he was busy trying to file for unemployment to cover for that jobs’ two-month hiatus.  Though he still has his job at Brookstone, the hours didn’t look to be all that promising, even with the coming holiday season.

Then, the very same day that his unemployment papers were filed, drama occurred at Brookstone that would change things for him and others.

See, he and another girl who not only works with him at Brookstone, but also works with him at Lifetouch.  Though their season at Lifetouch was now over for the next two months, neither really relished the idea of spending yet another holiday shopping season schlepping useless products (that don’t work and no one wants) to the wayward shoppers (who don’t work and no one wants).  His coworker had already mentally “checked-out” from Brookstone weeks ago and was weighing out the option of just quitting there and waiting for the 2010 season at Lifetouch to begin in January.  Seth was pretty close to that mental point as well.

Then it happened.

Some asshole at Brookstone who could do nothing but bitch about the crappy (and all-too-few) hours (shared by everyone there, not just him) and threatened to sue the company on multiple occasions because he felt uncomfortable working with so many gay people (90% of that stores’ employees are gay…c’mon…it’s Brookstone!!!), decided to quit.  Then, because he and his girlfriend were always fighting over money (or the lack thereof), he told the company he quit BECAUSE he was sexually harassed by several gay employees and the manager did nothing about it.

None of the above-mentioned charges, by the way, were true.  Just a textbook case of disgruntled ex-employee out to make a buck.

In short, Brookstone put both the manager and asst. manager on suspension, pending the outcome of this situation.  Rather than wait to be fired (which is normal for Brookstone…guilty or not), both opted to resign rather than have a termination on their records as well as having to wait who-know’s-how-long to find out IF they would be allowed to work there again.

Keep in mind, these two people are two of Seth’s best friends here in California, so all of this came to him as a double-blow.

Then the coup de grase…

They promoted the girl to Manager and Seth to Asst. Manager.  He even got a nice raise for the new position.

So now he was dealing with the scandal, the fact that two of his best friends were gone, AND that he was now taking one of those positions.  The guilt of the latter caused him un-yeilding stress.

The very next morning we noticed someone stole his brand new bike from our front porch (YES, it was locked up).

Now not only is he trying to settle in to the (what he feels is) ill-gotten new position, but no matter where he goes/we go, it’s about driving around trying to spot his shiny new bike.

Where's My Bike?!?!?!?!

Here’s something odd, I keep putting up a flyer on the bulletin board outside the Condo-office where the mail boxes are and every day it’s being taken down.  I’ve had to repost it four times now.  Is it just me, or does that say that the one who stole the bike lives in one of these condo’s and doesn’t want anyone to see the flyer and thereby turn them in???  I just don’t understand any other reason that flyer would keep coming down.  We’ve even included “Reward Offered For Bikes’ Return” on the flyer…(it doesn’t matter at this point that the “reward” is a pretty potted plant, does it?).

Anyway, the adventure continues.

We’ll try to be better at the updates/posts…but as the holidays are just around the corner, bear with us.

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL of you out there.


2 Responses to “Seffy’s Big Adventure”

  1. Brian said

    Well at least now all is right in the cosmos. You two aren’t dead or anything. I was getting worried. But now I see that you’ve had your hands full! Happy Thanksgiving, guys.

  2. K G said

    It’s entirely possible that the policy of the condo association is NO fliers… or that they don’t want to promote the fact that someone might have stolen a locked bike right out from under their noses…. (doesn’t look good to prospective tenants, now does it?)

    In short, there may be MANY reasons why it comes down so fast.

    PS: I’m VERY relived to hear that you two are alive and well (well, sort of) and that the cruel, vengeful former boss didn’t hire a hit man to take you two out… (as I was fantasizing when neither of you posted for SO LONG…..)

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