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The Season Of Giving Cutbacks

Posted by Daniel on December 21, 2009

PhotobucketEvery year it seems we are all faced with harder decisions when it comes to the holidays. And for those of you who STILL think the recession doesn’t reach every nook and cranny of society, just check out your shopping lists and address books. Tell me both aren’t being whittled down a little each year.

Tell me that someone who, (in an otherwise better economy, normally pisses you off and yet still gets a Christmas card from you,) hasn’t been ceremonially axed from this years mailing list. Where last year you had to buy three boxes of cards to mail out, this year you put one box back on the shelf telling yourself, “Ah, I see them every day, I’ll just tell them it was mailed.”

You try to reconcile this in your head by convincing yourself that due to recent household cutbacks, your stamp budget has suffered and you have to make that one book of stamps really count this year.

Same goes for gift-giving. You really want to shop for everyone in your life…family, friends, co-workers, street-walkers, prison pen pals, etc. Unfortunately, over the past few years the current economy has given rise to all of us having to really put everyone and our relationships WITH them under the holiday microscope. It is now when we really weigh out the value of this friends’ loyalty or that siblings’ unwillingness to share her recipe for “Flaming Figgy Pudding”.

That’s when you begin to notice your adventures in holiday shopping are getting shorter and less harried.

And you tell yourself:

Self: “So what? Carl and I have known one another since first grade. We’ve been through every part of one anothers’ lives and have always been there for each other. He knows I’d give my life for him. A REAL friend would already KNOW we’re friends and not EXPECT a gift as a reward. Besides, I didn’t get shit from that asshole last year…not even a card. Hey, come to think of it, he forgot my birthday, too. And he’s hinting that he wants a new fishing pole??? What kind of nerve is that?!?! Some friend!! He isn’t getting shit from me!!! I wouldn’t piss on that asshole if he were on fire!! I hate him!!!”

Wife: “Honey, we just got a Christmas card from Carl and June. Awww…it’s so sweet.”

Self: “Fine, we’ll get them a gift card and mail it to them…but I’m wiping my ass with the stamp!!!!”

Okay…so maybe all of that is just me.

But we have noticed that the economic downturn HAS played a huge role in our Christmas experience.

I know…I know!!!  Christmas is supposed to be a holiday of the heart and the season of love, peace and goodwill towards all men.

Well, in THAT case, we hope all of you enjoy the “presents” we are sending you with our hearts and minds.


2 Responses to “The Season Of Giving Cutbacks”

  1. Brian said

    Well, since we’re giving “mind gifts” to each other this year, I got you an external hard drive with an extra 50 gigs of memory and I got Seth a new camera with some really cool high tech software so he can digitally enhance his pictures and make some really cool photos for his scrapbooking projects.

    Merry Christmas, you two!

  2. K G said

    Guess this means I shouldn’t be expecting a holiday gift, huh?

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