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Talking To Myself

Posted by Daniel on January 13, 2010

It’s been another crazy couple of weeks here, as can be seen by the apparent lack of posts here lately.

Though I’ve been wanting to get on here each and every day to jot down some silly thought or other, something has been standing in my way (mentally) keeping my full attention focused in a completely different direction.

That something is the issue of depression.

We’ve all been through it at this time or that.  But there are those out there who seem to suffer from it more often than most of us.

And the most frustrating, agonizing and (at times) hurtful part of it is that individual who keeps trying to convince you it has NOTHING to do with you, and can’t seem to explain the causes WITH you, but seem to have no problems whatsoever dishing it out with friends.

I don’t play that way and have a REAL problem with those who do.

Don’t tell me it has nothing to do with me, yet treat me as if I have a hump on my back and a sore on my lip and when we’re around each other, you haven’t a damn thing to say, but you CAN seem to spend EVERY WAKING MOMENT around me texting your woes to your friends!!!!

I am not invisible.

I am someone who cares.

I am at my wits end!!!

I am catching your depression.

I am sick of writing about this.


3 Responses to “Talking To Myself”

  1. kirk said

    Sorry to hear that.
    But it’s good to hear that you are both working.
    That should reduce some stress.

    Have a good valentine’s weekend…

  2. Daniel said

    No, Kirk…not trouble. Just a lot of confusion. And from what I am hearing from people, there is a certain person trying to steer us into the rocks by ADDING to that confusion…if not fueling it altogether.

  3. K G said

    Trouble in paradise?

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