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I Will Wear No Mask This Year

Posted by Daniel on October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween/Unhappy Anniversary

This Sunday, on what will be my first anniversary SINGLE, I will wear no masks.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday of the year…but that ended last year.

Halloween also WAS mine and Seth’s anniversary.  No more.  Now, it only serves to depress rather than delight.

I made a promise to myself that, though this will be my first without him, I will still make with the merry and mirth.

There is, however, no costume or mask that will be able to hide my sorrow.

Instead, I will do what I’ve become very good at over the past year…

I will “paint” on the smile and cover myself in the fake goofy demeanor that I’ve been “wearing” lo these past twelve months.


Perhaps I was wrong…

Maybe that will be my costume!!

I will go out as a Stiff Upper Lip!!


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