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Famine To Feast

Posted by Daniel on November 12, 2010

How did it come to this?

When did the man who absolutely hates the process of dating, mostly because of all the awkward initial “first” moments suddenly become the latest “In Thing”??  Never mind the fact that my chronic social anxiety usually precludes me from making a generally good first impression.  Mostly because in order to counter that anxiety, I usually tend to overcompensate it with stupid humor and cheesy one-liners.

In short, I’m a complete dork when it comes to dating…always have been.

Now I find myself back on the dating game…and sucking pretty badly at it.  (not to be taken literally, m’kay?)

And lo and behold, there are guys coming out of the woodwork.  All apparently vying for…um…me?



What the hell AM I trying for now?  Have I really learned enough about men to truly give my heart freely again?  Is there truly a man out there who ISN’T going to love me then leave me…like all the rest?  So many things to factor in.

Am I too old for some?  Too young?  Too weak/strong?  Giving?  Reserved?  Too tan?  Too short?

I hate this process.  I just wish the one who TRULY loves JUST ME would just swoop in and take away this horrid and scary process.

And this brings me back to the guys coming out of the woodwork…

Without going into specifics on each, I’ll just say this:

  • Eight here in Fresno
  • One in Los Banos
  • Two in Kentucky (not including my sweet friend, B)(unless he wants to be ON this list…lol)
  • Four (yes, FOUR) in West Virginia (except for the ONE that matters…cowboy)
  • Three in LA
  • Four in Boston
  • One in Andover
  • Three in Dallas

Well guys…you can duke it out then…

I’m ready.

I’m here.

I’m waiting.

I’m hungry…I’ll be in the kitchen.

May the best man win.

NOTE:  Okay, the last few lines of this were just for fun…but the rest is true.


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