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The De-Evolution of America

Posted by Daniel on May 23, 2011

One more post to file into the “I’m Always Right” category.  Still, I can’t help but wonder why the Republicans, Tea Party, Conservatives and Hypocritical Religious groups are making this all so easy these days.


Let’s back up a little first.  About ten years ago I began my own little conspiracy.  There was something wafting in the air that could only, I assume, be detected by myself and the few other true political bloodhounds.  The faint scent of Right-Wing Holier-Than-Thou moxie was drifting past our nostrils and a red light went on in our heads.

Something was coming.

Things were about to change.

The Right Wing was huddling up, planning a kegger and America was wearing a cheerleaders’ outfit.

It has long been my belief that Republicans were mapping out the complete destruction of every good political change since the Amancipation Proclaimation.  More to the point, not only did I simply believe this to be true, but over the years I’ve had help proving my theory…and by some of the most unlikely allies I could have ever imagined.  I’ll thank them at the end of this post in the Credits section.

So here is my conspiracy theory:

Rich white men want to turn back time so that they can recreate the two-party system…Rich & Poor.

Fuck The Poor, Precious!!!

In other words, they want to kill (yes, I said the word kill) off the middle class.  How else do you explain the Right Wings’ concerted effort to do away with Medicare, Social Security and also force everyone to purchase the most expensive – and all-too-often – unusable insurance policies?

Lining the pockets of the rich at the expense of the middle class and poor is the oldest sin in my opinion.  The sad fact is – and there is no pleasant way of saying this – until those generations that were raised on material needs and “the American dream” die off, we may never evolve towards a truly agrarian society.  It is, in fact, 
because we are so money-driven that any form of non-monetary society is out of the reach of the human species.  We simply can’t imagine life without the means of buying/having more things.   As is the normal daily case, there are far too many of us who want nothing more than to maintain the status quo.

People are still paying ever-increasing prices for gas/oil, yet Republicans push every congressional session for more subsidies for the oil companies.  State and Federal Republicans lobby to end the bargaining rights of everyday workers, cut their pay, off-shore jobs to other countries, lobby to privatize Social Security and keep the minimum wage down to the poverty level, etc.  All the while giving themselves an annual pay raise, enjoying premium tax dollar-paid healthcare (for life) and are wined and dined by lobbyists who represent the very companies who they still insist deserve even more tax breaks.

The avarice is obscene.  The hypocrisy is so palpable it actually has a smell.

By the way, it’s not that these claims are unsubstantiated…one need only watch the daily news to see the facts. 

Yet we wonder every day, “How the hell do these assholes keep getting elected?!?!”  The answer is going to seem a little mean to you, but when you sit back and think about it, you’ll see I’m right.

...And I slept with your Toaster Oven!!!

Americans scare easily, and Republicans figured this out during the McCarthy era.  Don’t believe me?  Mention the words “robots and Social Security” in the same sentence to old people and watch them crash their motorized chairs into a wall out of sheer panic.  the irony here is that these same people who the GOP count on each election cycle for guaranteed votes are the exact same people the Republicans are trying to deny Social Security and Medicare.  If it weren’t so damned inhuman (not to mention unChristian) the irony would almost be knee-slappingly funny.

Okay, so I’ve drifted off point here, but that tends to happen with me, so deal with it.

Getting back on track, it’s time for this new generation to wake up and stop thinking none of this affects them.  I know this to be true, because I am dating someone considerably younger than myself and, up until about a month ago, he wasn’t really interested in politics.  I’d even watch my news programs when he wasn’t around because I knew how bored he thought this stuff was.  Don’t get me wrong, he respects my political interests and never put me down for it.  Then one day, I was watching and he came home and caught a bit of what was being said..and he got angry.  Not at me watching, but that he had no idea that the topic of discussion was even an issue.  Now I notice that he follows politics a little more closely.  Something inside his mind actually woke up and made him see that there is a whole lot of bullshit going on out there and too many people who want to profit from the misery of others.  I simply said to him, “Welcome to the political circus.”

I told him about my theory of how the “have’s” want to squash (not to mention create more of) the “have-not’s”.  So I feel good about that.  Not so much trying to brainwash them into my way of thinking – I’ll leave that tactic to the republicans and religious folks).  No, I just feel good knowing that I might have helped someone open their eyes and see that evertyhing we in the political fray bitch about so much actually does affect them…no matter how detached they are from the process.

So anyway…getting back to my conspiracy theory…

I realize that I won’t be able to convince you I’m right.  In fact, most people tell me I’m full of shit…then I’ll get a call, message or email sometime down the line telling me I was right.  (color me surprised)  I do know, however, that some of you will be tougher nuts to crack.  No biggie.  Just do us all a favor, watch a little news and at least try to dip your toe into the cesspool of politics.  Because if you don’t educate yourself to the underhanded shenanigans of politics, then you’ll never really understand what really happened to your job, home, or life.  Everything they do in politics – from your local leaders all the way up to state and Washington levels – affects you no matter how young (and now that includes fetuses and embryo’s) to not only the elderly, but long-dead people as well.

I just don’t want to hear people complaining about how they lost their family because they lost their house because they lost their job…and still claim the Democrats are the cause of all their ills.  Believe me when I say I’m not always impressed with the Democrats, either…they tend to be such pussy’s when it comes to not wanting to piss people off.  I do, however, respect the ones who swim against the tide because it’s what’s good for the common good and general welfare of people as a whole, rather than looking out for the profits of their donors.  I am a firm believer in speaking my mind and gearing whatever I vote for towards the betterment of all people, and I know that by doing so, I am pissing off all the right people.

Simpler Times, America…Don’tchya Miss That???

So it’s time to stand back up. people.  Straighten up your back, stick out your shoulders and start acting like the evolved species we truly are.  You don’t have to vote like a Democrat to evolve, but if you do vote republican, at least have the balls to question their motives and actions.  Don’t just vote for someone because they can scare you into a hole with their words and tell you everyone else is responsible for your ills.  After all, “The Flintstons” was not a documentary!!!


4 Responses to “The De-Evolution of America”

  1. Ames Tiedeman said

    Lower taxes? Higher taxes? Does anyone actually think being plus or minus 5% on taxes will make a lick of difference for the U.S. economy at this stage in the game? The economy will never again work the way we all want it to work with the current account deficit at 6 or 7 percent of GDP. You cannot get unemployment even under 6% without a credit bubble, with a current account deficit as large as ours. We have not had a trade surplus since 1974. We have been in decline for 40 years and this decline has only accelerated in recent years. We closed 55,000 plants in the United States since 1980. Your politicians won’t tell you this because some of them fed you the false promise of free trade. Others don’t want to admit NAFTA has been a complete failure for America. Great for Mexico as that giant “sucking sound” Ross Perot predicted has materialized. Clinton and Gore promised the American people ever bigger trade surpluses with Mexico and ten’s of thousands of new high paying jobs. Just pass NAFTA they exclaimed! Quite laughable, really. We have gone from a trade surplus of a few billion a year to a trade deficit nearing 100 billion per annum with Mexico. What is equally as laughable or insulting is the trade deal Obama has just signed with Columbia. Do we make anything they can afford? Of course not. Columbia will simply become a new launch pad to make textiles and sell them into America. How about the trade deal Obama signed with South Korea? This is an interesting one. Within the bill on the U.S. side is a provision to provide worker training for displaced Americans. So we are now so stupid that we are signing trade deals that we know will diminish the U.S. labor force. The insanity is just that! Does anyone think the South Koreans would agree to a trade deal if they were not sure to win? Does Obama understand that the South Koreans are fierce nationalists who will never let America win a trade contest? Did my ancestors lead pre-Revolutionary War skirmishes against the British at Lexington and Concord in 1775 and early 1776 only to have America end up how it is today? My blood has been on this land since 1635. How many of my ancestors ever dreamed that America would be so deep in debt and short in ideas? Would any of them ever have thought that such mediocre men would one day be leading this nation? America has done a terrific job of creating a low employment and low wage society, for millions. Quite sad indeed. No civilization has succeeded by consuming more than it produces. We must massively restructure. Until America decides to produce what it consumes you can forget about any long term economic recovery. The financial games all failed. The credit bubble is gone and now the U.S. economy is exposed as the biggest joke of all time. Credit bubbles have a way of masking the real issues. How do we fix the American economy? Start by making every American who has received a Nobel Prize in economics return the award. Why? because they were either 100% wrong or their work proved to be of no benefit to the American economy. Next, round up every economist who advised Nixon that if America left the gold standard and moved the world to a floating currency regime; that America would never, ever, run a current account deficit. And I am very sorry to inform everyone that this would include the late and great Milton Friedman. Sorry Milton, you were dead wrong too! Next, leave the WTO, end NAFTA, and go about setting up country-by-country trade deals that are realistic based on where America stands today. It is not 1955 anymore. The world has either matched us or surpassed us in industry after industry. We have literally become an emerging economy is some industries as we have faltered so badly. Next, move to a flat tax, and end all farm subsidies. Cancel most government social programs like food stamps and deport 100% of the people living in America illegally. Make it a high crime to employ anyone not here legally. Finally, for major industries such as steel and automobiles, move to a must-be-made-in-America policy. No longer allow imports of products in specific industries. They must all be made in America. We must employ our people. We can no longer employ the world via our consumption as so many Americans remain unemployed. We must use our 50 state union to our advantage. We must promote massive trade between the states. We must socialize CAPITALISM to avoid becoming a socialist state! We must reinvigorate the American people. We must manufacture. And who running for office can lead America on this grand and pious endeavor? Who running for office today has the passion of a General MacArthur or the skill of a Chester Nimitz? Who has the energy of a Teddy Roosevelt? The men who command the attention of the electorate in this age of mediocre ambition are all too small to make a difference…

  2. […] One more post to file into the "I'm Always Right" category.  Still, I can't help but wonder why the Republicans, Tea Party, Conservatives and Hypocritical Religious groups are making this all so easy these days. Let's back up a little first.  About ten years ago I began my own little conspiracy.  There was something wafting in the air that could only, I … Read More […]

  3. Adam D said

    Just a few points:
    Rep. are not trying to kill SS and Medicare. Those outdated institutions are dying under their own bloated weight, which the Dems keep addding to.
    It’s the Dems that want to overregulate health care and force people to buy things they don’t want.
    Worker’s rights and offshore jobs, are you kidding me! Unions are the biggest reason why jobs are leaving the country. Besides that, the Rep Govs are fighting against STATE employee unions, whose members get paid way more than the average tax payer! Get your facts right buddy.
    I’m all for privatizing SS and you should be to. Why should the government be able to force everyone to buy into a ponzi-scheme retirement system that’s going broke? Are you really OK with that?

    People like you talk big about helping the poor, but your only solutions involve increasing the size and power of the government, which isn’t good for anybody. Giving the government total control over our lives is not going to solve poverty, in the end it will only increase it. Besides, relying on the government to improve your life is worse than stupid, it’s suicidal.

    • Daniel said

      Thank you FOX News…it’s nice to see you guys still read our posts.

      By the way, you guys DID see where I mentioned this is my CONSPIRACY THEORY, right?
      considering how all you guys do is confuse conspiracy FOR fact, I’m surprised you took umbrage to this story at all.
      I do, however, respect your opinions and your right to them. (bumper sticker though they may be) 🙂

      Hug Rupert for me,

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