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A Decade Since

Posted by Daniel on September 11, 2011

Ten years ago today…It’s amazing to think of all that’s transpired in the last decade.

In Memorium

Not Forgotten

I could post about all the good, bad and ugly that has transpired in the past decade, but the thought of doing that seems rather shallow and insensitive at the moment.  Considering those who aren’t with us because of the events of that day, I think I’ll just re-post the poem I wrote just days after the second tower fell.  I discovered that three of my friends who worked in the towers never made it out.

Pieces of a Flag

On a sunny Tuesday morning, it could have been any normal day.

Many of our East coast friends went about beginning in their usual way.

Coffee cup’s filling, friendly “Good morning’s” and the day’s work being prepped,

While in the skies above them the fingers of an unseen evil crept.

Thousands in the Standing Stripes and as many in the Star,

Would never have fair warning of their fates sealed from afar.

Men who hate our pride and freedom and want to make us pay,

How could we have known, for this, they’d take our friends away?

We lost a lot of friends that day, both in New York and in D.C.

The shock of what has happened is, even now, still hitting me.

There was one plane of four that by heroism, did not reach its mark.

The courage shown by those passengers is the epitome of freedoms’ spark.

Four planes, full of innocents, by evil-doers turned into missile’s,

Turned a peaceful morning into the noise of sirens, screams and whistles.

We watched…frozen…awestruck, as they tore into our country’s heart.

This nation, by resolve, will prove cowards cannot pull our flag apart.

We lost a bit of innocence that day at the hands of those morally depraved.

But what they keep forgetting is WE’RE AMERICA, Home of the Brave!!

We will rebuild…We must move on, and yes, we’ll overcome,

And to those we’ve lost we make this vow…we’ll remember you…every one.

Dedicated to Shawn, Rebecca and “Meryle”…

Friends I lost in the World Trade Center.


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