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We Are What We Do

Posted by Daniel on August 15, 2012

Ethics are the destination...these are the journey.

Over the years, I’ve kept myself pretty immersed in the mission of helping people educate themselves on the topic of politics.  Funny thing about how people seem to cringe when you even utter the word politics…they look at you as though you forced them to suck a lemon.

Honestly, folks, look around you.  Life, itself, is one big political maneuver after another.  Never mind what you have to see on the news or on the onslaught of ads that are meant to confuse some and un-educate others.  I’m not even referring to your choice – or lack thereof – of who would make a better President or Congressman.  No, what I’m referring to is all the political sidesteps we find ourselves enacting in our daily lives and interactions.

Speaking personally, I find myself working (mentally) hard as hell trying NOT to intentionally piss off any of my fellow citizens.  Friends, family, coworkers, drive-thru window voices (hell, even the dogs here at home), etc.  This is, in my humble opinion, far harder a feat to accomplish than running for actual office in that running for office means you don’t actually know too many of your constituents.  So you can bullshit your way through any issue and smile a plastic smile at everyone, even when you don’t know them or give a damn what they really care about.  I believe there are, truly, those out there who genuinely give a shit about what those whom they represent really hold as important to their lives.  They are, however, the exception…NOT the rule.

But closer to home, we have to be far more concerned what those around us think.  True, we don’t always see eye to eye or believe in ALL the same issues.  This is especially true when it comes to family.  We love one another, but we are all so very different.  So we try to hold our personal issues inside.  In my case, I’ve never been so good at that.  With friends I think it’s a different beast entirely.  We get to CHOOSE our friends.  We tend to surround ourselves with people who are, for the most part, similar in beliefs, habits, likes, POLITICS, dislikes, and even attractions.

So where, you might ask, does this compare to the political game?  Simple…choose the wrong direction, wrong issue or even the wrong person with whom to associate and you risk impeachment from the office of “Friend”.  This seems pretty small a reason for people to vote you out of their lives, but then, as in all politics, we don’t truly have control of how people vote when they close that booth curtain, do we?

Well friends, I’m in this race NOT to win, but rather to represent ALL of my friends equally and as honestly as can be done without sacrificing who I am at my core.  I don’t need to use words like morals, scruples or ethics to describe my actions.  I choose to SHOW common sense and fair play for everyone when I interact with them.  My friendship can’t be bought by the highest bidder, therefore I am beholding to no one in what I do or with whom I interact.  My choice of those I call friend (in whatever capacity) is exactly that…mine.  But I work my ass off to maintain as high a standard of confidence with each of them as is humanly possible.  I don’t have to bullshit you (the voters)into thinking I’m behind you every step of the way, and yet mocking your decisions behind your back.  If I think you’re voting wrong, I’ll tell you.  If I give you praise, you bet your ass you’ve EARNED it.  That’s just good politics of life.

Now I just wish this same ethic were shared by those in REAL politics.  Remember who you are.  Don’t fold for the dollar.  Don’t call yourself morally upright and yet lie to/about people or ignore the suffering of those around you because it’s not politically good for your career.  And don’t sell off parts of yourselves simply to make the “right” others happy.

One thing I’ve learned lo these many years, I’m not perfect.  I’ve made mistakes a-plenty.  I even have regrets…some for decisions made and some for actions I’ve avoided out of fear of pissing of the wrong people.  In life we all have a piece of political capital.  I intend to spend mine going for and making the decisions of exactly what I want in life.  And to HELL with losing a vote if it means doing what’s right.


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