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Posted by Daniel on September 5, 2012

This is arguably the best half-assed kinda-sorta bittersweet acidic compliment I’ve possibly never gotten. Ever. Thank you, Amy. 🙂

Dear Douchey-Douche,

I am glad that you had such a great birthday weekend (and that I got to spend some of it with you) because I’m really not sure there’s anyone who deserves it more than you.

You have become one of my closest friends (and I’m pretty sure neither of us thought that was going to happen when we first met 😉 and I appreciate all you’ve done and continue to do for me. You have knowledgeable advice and yet still know when to just shut the fuck up and listen 🙂

You keep me in constant supply of a “thicker skin” (because well, let’s face it, sometimes you’re a dick 🙂 and you accept the verbal abuse right back. We’ve seen each other at our worst and yet we’re both still here and that’s more than I can say for a lot of people I know.

I hope to spend many more birthday weekends in your presence because… well, let’s face it, people like you don’t DIE, they just pickle and live on for years to come so I might as well just embrace it rather than fight it 🙂

You better screen shot this post… because this might be the only time I say such (semi)nice things to you 🙂

Happy Birthday Gramps 🙂
*insert creepy arm squeeze*


One Response to “Um…Thanks?”

  1. It doesn’t get any semi-better than that!

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