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Don’t SHOH8!!!

Posted by Daniel on June 26, 2013

ImageOkay, with all the revelry over today’s landmark and HISTORIC decisions from SCOTUS, there is something I, as a gay American would like to say.

I’ve already seen the hateful venom being poured out on the media and internet from those who adamantly oppose marriage equality. I get that. It’s to be expected. And no amount of talk from myself or anyone else will ever really change many of their minds. This is, after all, based on their sense of morality/beliefs. We can do nothing to sway the diehard Prop 8 and DOMA supporters, other than to go forward as examples of how these decisions in no way threaten them. Religious or political views are, in many cases, something that they can’t change. I respect that. But it’s time to live up to that religious precept of not judging. It really is time.

And to all of my fellow revelers out there…Yes, we have reason to celebrate. This has, indeed, been a long hard-fought battle. But there are two things we, as a community need to remember…First, no matter how long this battle has been, it isn’t nearly won. There is still so very far we have to go to make marriage equality the law of ALL the land…not just parts of it. So celebrate our victories, but don’t put down that banner just yet. And second, in your revelry, please try to show a little class in NOT throwing F-bombs or other vitriolic rhetoric at those who oppose marriage equality. It’s not who we are and not helpful in our cause. In every decision there are winners and losers (not meant in any negative way). Someone wins and someone loses. Today was our day to win and while it’s been a long time in coming, lets try not to sling the same hate back at those who tried to hold us down. 

On that note, major congratulations to those who fought so very hard on our behalf, to those who sacrificed so very much, and to all of us who now are one MAJOR step closer to true equality.


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It’s Not About You…Don’t Shoot!!!

Posted by Daniel on August 16, 2012

It's Still Not About You

A man who had been a volunteer at The DC Center for the LGBT Community (a community center for gays) walked into the lobby of the Family Research Council – a conservative political organization, made a negative comment about what the FRC group stands for, pulled a gun and opened fire, authorities said.  Police and the FBI are investigating why the armed man, identified as 28-year-old Floyd Lee Corkins II of Herndon, Va., entered the front lobby of the conservative group, argued with the guard and opened fire. But one law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the suspect made a negative reference about the group’s work and what it stands for before shooting.

The Family Research Council, headquartered in a busy downtown DC tourist district, strongly opposes gay marriage and abortion and says it advocates ‘‘faith, family and freedom in public policy and public opinion.’’ The group maintains a powerful lobbying presence on those causes, testifying before Congress and reviewing legislation. Its president, Tony Perkins, said the group’s main concern was with the wounded guard.

Here’s where I make a prediction…and I will be on the mark with it…watch and see.

I predict that the issue of this shooting will focus purely on the fact that this man, in addition to whatever else he had in his life, was a volunteer at a GLBT Community Center.  This will, of course, be spun into some grand scheme regarding the LGBT community in it’s ongoing agenda.  Watch FOX News and tell me how wrong I am.  Oh, and it’ll also be interesting to see just how fast certain political campaigns clandestinely use this incident in their speeches/ads…we’ll hear it all between the lines.

At the risk of pissing off gun owners (and just for the record, I’m NOT against guns, even though I personally don’t care for them), this is an issue of yet another person with a gun who obviously shouldn’t have had one.  Meanwhile, advocacy groups across the ideological spectrum condemned the violence, with some casting it as a hate crime.

“Today’s attack is the clearest sign we’ve seen that labeling pro-marriage groups as `hateful’ must end,” Brian Brown, the president of the National Organization for Marriage, said in a statement.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said President Obama, who was traveling in Iowa Wednesday, was informed of the 10:45 a.m. shooting shortly after 1 p.m.  “The president expressed his concern for the individual injured in the shooting and his strong belief that this type of violence has no place in our society,” Carney said.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said in a statement that he was appalled.  “There is no place for such violence in our society,” he said. “My prayers go out to the wounded security guard and his family, as well as all the people at the Family Research Council whose sense of security has been shattered by today’s horrific events.”

The point here is that we keep the focus of this tragic event where it belongs…there are some people who are disturbed who act out alone (remember republicans?  Like when Bill O’Reilly riled up a bunch of Pro-Life zealots, which, according to many, led to the murder of LEGAL abortion provider Dr. George Tiller while he was in church?  Where was the outrage and Hate Crime vitriol from you then?).  Whatever their personal beliefs, I no more believe the GLBT community is sending out gay soldiers to “off” FRC members any more than I believe FRC members incite weak-minded people into thinking gays want to marry your 12-year old son.

So lets just keep the over-reaching theories (like this one) down to a minimum, shall we?  Can we all just agree to agree that this is simply another case of some nut job with a personal ax to grind or mental issue, rather than blaming an entire demographic and a fake agenda?

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Posted by Daniel on December 12, 2011

The Mitt's About To Hit The Fan

Imagine this.  You’re a 60-something gay Vietnam veteran out to dinner with your husband in New Hampshire when Mitt Romney sits down at your table uninvited to ask for your vote in overturning your state’s gay marriage law. You know, the one that allowed you to marry your partner of a few decades or so in the first place.

Are you more offended that Romney mistook your proud military heritage for blatant homophobia? Or just annoyed that homeboy had the hubris to invite himself to your date night, like some bizarre MTV reality television show, Republican Third Wheel? (MTV, if you’re reading. Let’s make this show happen, GaySAP! Lunch?)

Mitt Romney, while  touring the Chez Vachon restaurant in Manchester, sat down at a table with two older men, one of whom was wearing a “Vietnam Veteran” hat.Bob Garon, 63, of Epsom, N.H., asked Romney if he, as president would seek to overturn New Hampshire’s law legalizing gay marriage. Romney gave his standard response affirming his belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Garon, who is gay and was seated with his husband, Bob Lemire, then said to Romney: “It’s good to know how you feel, that you do not believe everyone is entitled to their constitutional rights.”

Romney replied: “Actually, I think at the time the Constitution was written marriage was between a man and a woman and I don’t believe the Supreme Court has changed that.”

Romney may as well have poured a coke over the couple’s heads and smashed their faces in their Potatoes au Gratin. Who crashes someone’s meal just to insult them? In a state that respects and honors the couple with full marriage equality laws, at that! Talk about losing your appetite.

Garon, a political independent later, told reporters he was unimpressed with Romney.

“The guy ain’t going to make it,” he said after the exchange. “You can’t trust him. I can see it in his eyes.”

Garon said he was married in June. “In New Hampshire, where it’s legal. Unless Mitt Romney gets elected.”

Let’s hope for dinner’s sake that it doesn’t come to that.

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Special Rights For Compassionate Christians

Posted by Daniel on November 5, 2011

Stupid is as stupid does (or teaches).

As the stigma of homosexuality fades from public discourse, people are becoming more open about their sexuality and doing so at an earlier age. This is a sign of a healthy society. Yet, there is a segment of society that is deeply disturbed by this trend and it manifests itself in our schools as anti-gay bullying. The result has been a rash of suicide among gay teens across the country.

In an effort to stop this mindless harassment, Michigan is in the middle of passing “Matt’s Safe School Law” (official title SB 137) named for 14-year old Matt Eppling, a gay teen that committed suicide in 2002 as a result of bullying. Sounds like a reasonable response but that’s only if you’re a normal person. To a Republican, SB 137 steps on our constitutional right to hound someone until they kill themselves.

The exact language inserted by Republicans:



So if you really believe that homosexuals are evil and immoral, it’s perfectly fine to tell them so as much as you want. Hell, your parents can get in on it, too! You can all get together and scream “You’re a goddamn disgusting fag and you’re gonna burn forever!” whenever you feel like it!

Just so we’re clear: this would be bullying a homosexual student.

But it’s OK because it’s a religious belief! Isn’t it funny how religious conservatives use their religion to excuse so many behaviors the civilized world considers to be immoral? Let’s put it to what I like to call the “Muslim Test”: Would these same tireless defenders of the Constitution allow a group of radical Muslim students to direct their “sincerely held religious  belief” that infidels should be converted or killed at a lone Christian student until that student was good and terrorized?

Don’t be stupid! That would be bullying the poor child and that would be wrong!

Muslim Test: Failed as always.

Once again, we see the Right indulging in its favorite past time: cloaking its bigotry and hate in “religious freedom.” In this instance, the freedom to drive children to suicide over a few cherry picked verses from the Bible. Because nothing says “Love thy neighbor” like bullying people you don’t like.

Read SB 137 here.

Read more about GOP callousness here.

Feel free to tell me what a terrible person I am either here or on Facebook.

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The De-Evolution of America

Posted by Daniel on May 23, 2011

One more post to file into the “I’m Always Right” category.  Still, I can’t help but wonder why the Republicans, Tea Party, Conservatives and Hypocritical Religious groups are making this all so easy these days.


Let’s back up a little first.  About ten years ago I began my own little conspiracy.  There was something wafting in the air that could only, I assume, be detected by myself and the few other true political bloodhounds.  The faint scent of Right-Wing Holier-Than-Thou moxie was drifting past our nostrils and a red light went on in our heads.

Something was coming.

Things were about to change.

The Right Wing was huddling up, planning a kegger and America was wearing a cheerleaders’ outfit.

It has long been my belief that Republicans were mapping out the complete destruction of every good political change since the Amancipation Proclaimation.  More to the point, not only did I simply believe this to be true, but over the years I’ve had help proving my theory…and by some of the most unlikely allies I could have ever imagined.  I’ll thank them at the end of this post in the Credits section.

So here is my conspiracy theory:

Rich white men want to turn back time so that they can recreate the two-party system…Rich & Poor.

Fuck The Poor, Precious!!!

In other words, they want to kill (yes, I said the word kill) off the middle class.  How else do you explain the Right Wings’ concerted effort to do away with Medicare, Social Security and also force everyone to purchase the most expensive – and all-too-often – unusable insurance policies?

Lining the pockets of the rich at the expense of the middle class and poor is the oldest sin in my opinion.  The sad fact is – and there is no pleasant way of saying this – until those generations that were raised on material needs and “the American dream” die off, we may never evolve towards a truly agrarian society.  It is, in fact, 
because we are so money-driven that any form of non-monetary society is out of the reach of the human species.  We simply can’t imagine life without the means of buying/having more things.   As is the normal daily case, there are far too many of us who want nothing more than to maintain the status quo.

People are still paying ever-increasing prices for gas/oil, yet Republicans push every congressional session for more subsidies for the oil companies.  State and Federal Republicans lobby to end the bargaining rights of everyday workers, cut their pay, off-shore jobs to other countries, lobby to privatize Social Security and keep the minimum wage down to the poverty level, etc.  All the while giving themselves an annual pay raise, enjoying premium tax dollar-paid healthcare (for life) and are wined and dined by lobbyists who represent the very companies who they still insist deserve even more tax breaks.

The avarice is obscene.  The hypocrisy is so palpable it actually has a smell.

By the way, it’s not that these claims are unsubstantiated…one need only watch the daily news to see the facts. 

Yet we wonder every day, “How the hell do these assholes keep getting elected?!?!”  The answer is going to seem a little mean to you, but when you sit back and think about it, you’ll see I’m right.

...And I slept with your Toaster Oven!!!

Americans scare easily, and Republicans figured this out during the McCarthy era.  Don’t believe me?  Mention the words “robots and Social Security” in the same sentence to old people and watch them crash their motorized chairs into a wall out of sheer panic.  the irony here is that these same people who the GOP count on each election cycle for guaranteed votes are the exact same people the Republicans are trying to deny Social Security and Medicare.  If it weren’t so damned inhuman (not to mention unChristian) the irony would almost be knee-slappingly funny.

Okay, so I’ve drifted off point here, but that tends to happen with me, so deal with it.

Getting back on track, it’s time for this new generation to wake up and stop thinking none of this affects them.  I know this to be true, because I am dating someone considerably younger than myself and, up until about a month ago, he wasn’t really interested in politics.  I’d even watch my news programs when he wasn’t around because I knew how bored he thought this stuff was.  Don’t get me wrong, he respects my political interests and never put me down for it.  Then one day, I was watching and he came home and caught a bit of what was being said..and he got angry.  Not at me watching, but that he had no idea that the topic of discussion was even an issue.  Now I notice that he follows politics a little more closely.  Something inside his mind actually woke up and made him see that there is a whole lot of bullshit going on out there and too many people who want to profit from the misery of others.  I simply said to him, “Welcome to the political circus.”

I told him about my theory of how the “have’s” want to squash (not to mention create more of) the “have-not’s”.  So I feel good about that.  Not so much trying to brainwash them into my way of thinking – I’ll leave that tactic to the republicans and religious folks).  No, I just feel good knowing that I might have helped someone open their eyes and see that evertyhing we in the political fray bitch about so much actually does affect them…no matter how detached they are from the process.

So anyway…getting back to my conspiracy theory…

I realize that I won’t be able to convince you I’m right.  In fact, most people tell me I’m full of shit…then I’ll get a call, message or email sometime down the line telling me I was right.  (color me surprised)  I do know, however, that some of you will be tougher nuts to crack.  No biggie.  Just do us all a favor, watch a little news and at least try to dip your toe into the cesspool of politics.  Because if you don’t educate yourself to the underhanded shenanigans of politics, then you’ll never really understand what really happened to your job, home, or life.  Everything they do in politics – from your local leaders all the way up to state and Washington levels – affects you no matter how young (and now that includes fetuses and embryo’s) to not only the elderly, but long-dead people as well.

I just don’t want to hear people complaining about how they lost their family because they lost their house because they lost their job…and still claim the Democrats are the cause of all their ills.  Believe me when I say I’m not always impressed with the Democrats, either…they tend to be such pussy’s when it comes to not wanting to piss people off.  I do, however, respect the ones who swim against the tide because it’s what’s good for the common good and general welfare of people as a whole, rather than looking out for the profits of their donors.  I am a firm believer in speaking my mind and gearing whatever I vote for towards the betterment of all people, and I know that by doing so, I am pissing off all the right people.

Simpler Times, America…Don’tchya Miss That???

So it’s time to stand back up. people.  Straighten up your back, stick out your shoulders and start acting like the evolved species we truly are.  You don’t have to vote like a Democrat to evolve, but if you do vote republican, at least have the balls to question their motives and actions.  Don’t just vote for someone because they can scare you into a hole with their words and tell you everyone else is responsible for your ills.  After all, “The Flintstons” was not a documentary!!!

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Ann Coulter Serves Up A Yellow Brick Load

Posted by Daniel on October 11, 2010


Anybody Got A Bucket Of Water???


The following can only be placed in the WTF category.  (My alternate title was going to be “And The Gays Got Yellow Brick Hoe’d!!”)

I’m reading the Sunday NYT and right there smack dab on the front of the Styles section, I see it…

Ann Coulter is now allowing herself to be billed as the “Right-Wing Judy Garland”?  I smell another shitty pop-up book coming out soon.

Last weekend, the queen of the Neocons met the queens of the Homocon in a surreal event in New York City.

Why else would the group GOProud invited Ann Coulter to speak to them. This is the same Ann Coulter who called John Edwards a “faggot.” The same Ann Coulter who claims she has “never failed to talk a gay out of gay marriage.”

The same Ann Coulter who the event organizers called “the right-wing Judy Garland.”

From reports by those in attendance, Coulter delivered less of a speech and more of a stand-up routine. Now I have no problem with comedians – even bad ones –  but her show consisted of gays being the punch line of every joke, not including the jokes she directed at black people.

Imagine if you were standing in a group of LGBT people listening to and laughing at a straight woman tossing off one liners like, “Marriage is not a civil right. You’re not black!”  My understanding is that this resulted in quite a rousing applause.

She continued her routine with remarks about why gays and abortion foes should band together, “as soon as they find the gay gene, you know who’s getting aborted!”

I read on and am again left astounded at the strangeness of these self-proclaimed conservative gays who apparently feel that chumming around with Ann was worth weathering the insults she spewed.  It makes me wonder what the hell they PAID her to speak/insult them!!

These folk, and there were only about 150 of them, claim they focus on “federal issues” rather than “state issues like marriage.”

This stirs up echoes of 1950s white Southerner’s talking about “states rights” when they really meant retaining Jim Crow laws.

What these alleged gay conservatives miss is that to the GOP we are just a punch line.

LGBT Americans are not a group of citizens struggling against discrimination, they are just funny fags who can be so amusing and do a fabulous job decorating and styling hair.

To tell a group of LGBT people that civil rights are the sole property of racial minorities is outrageous, but for that same group to actually stand and pay some blonde bimbo to say it while clinking champagne glasses and making chitchat is appalling.

Suddenly I’m not so disgusted by the Log Cabin Republicans.  This HomoCon group truly DOES turn my stomach!!

I imagine that there will be lots of apologists for this strange event.  They will say that many people misunderstood the intention of the event; it was “to start a dialogue”… etc.

But a dialogue has to have some kind of give and take.  It is not just someone talking and another person waiting to talk.

Perhaps there is some common ground for Coulter and her adoring Homocons (and why have I NEVER heard of THESE Homos??) in the fiscal responsibility I hear touted by the Republicans.   But isn’t it funny that she decided to go for gay jokes instead of substance?

There will also be those who defend the Homocons by pointing to the Democratic Party and saying, “Hey, what have you done for LGBT people?”

To them I would honestly say this, “Not enough!”

Still, at least with the Democratic Party, we are part of a real conversation, and we are not thought of as punch lines.  We are not limited to the sidelines and asked to passively stand by while we are insulted and demeaned.

And as to the reference to Judy Garland? Well, for those old enough to remember Miss Garland, whose silver screen performances I still remember fondly,  she was a tortured and sad woman who struggled with drug dependency and emotional ups and downs wilder than any rollercoaster. I suspect a lot of gay men admired her ability to persevere in spite of her problems and let her talent soar.

She was both brilliant and sad but she was bursting with enough talent to transcend the struggle and whisk audiences away over her own personal rainbow.

Ann Coulter, on the other hand, may have charmed the self-loathing Homocons with her snappy quips and tasteless attempts at humor, but for me she would be much better cast as the Wicked Witch of the East.

Now, would someone please drop a WHITEhouse on her?

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Boston Liar

Posted by Daniel on August 4, 2009

PhotobucketAfter referring to a black Harvard professor as a “banana-eating jungle monkey” in an e-mail, a Boston police officer, after being suspended is suing the city.

“If I’m charged with a crime I want a chance to answer. I want the chance for a fair hearing,” Officer Justin Barrett said today.

Barrett has apologized and denied he is a racist.

His lawsuit claims his civil rights have been violated; Barrett’s lawyer said the words referring to Henry Louis Gates, Jr. were misinterpreted. Barrett fired back with a federal lawsuit charging that the city is violating his civil rights and causing him to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder, sleepless nights and damage to his reputation. The 18-page lawsuit accuses the three parties (Police Department, police commissioner, and mayor) of “conspiring to intentionally inflict emotional distress and conspiring to intentionally interfere with the property rights, due process rights, and civil rights of the plaintiff.”

“The choice of words were poor; but they weren’t meant to characterize professor Gates as a banana-eating jungle monkey,” attorney Peter Marano said. “They were meant in a response to behavior and characterizing the behavior. Not the person as a whole.”

Marano said the city had effectively fired Barrett, though he is officially suspended with pay.

He said it was fair to hold Barrett to a higher standard than the general public because he is a police officer, but that he was still entitled to express his opinions.

“Being held to a higher standard shouldn’t eradicate his right under the First Amendment for free speech. That is part and parcel of the lawsuit,” the lawyer said.

Gates was arrested at his house last month when a neighbor called police after she thought she saw a man trying to break into Gates’ home. The man turned out to be Gates himself, who was attempting to free a jammed door.

The incident sparked a national debate about race and policing, drawing in President Obama himself.

Obama, who is a friend of Gates, said the officer who arrested the professor “acted stupidly,” but then withdrew the comment, saying he did not know all the facts when he spoke.

He hosted Gates and Sgt. James Crowley for a beer at the White House to calm the tensions.

Barrett later sent a mass e-mail about the encounter to other officers and to the Boston Globe newspaper. Read the full text sent to the Globe below…(spelling and other grammatical errors are included)

Article writer, That was, by far, the worst article I’ve ever read. I am a former English teacher, writer, current police officer. father, husband and military veteran. You need to be corrected and I certainly hope others have attempted, for your written messages and material is so 4th grade level. I am embarassed I paid the 1.50 for the paper [rest assured, it is my aim to tell as many readers The Boston Globe and your biased reporting is both sub standard and strictly one sided]. For you are not professional and basically, your writing is ridiculous. A reader may assume, per your article, that criminals are never well-dressed with a tucked in polo [2nd paragraph] . Your defense [4th paragraph] of Gates while he is on the phone while being confronted [INDEED] with a police officer is assuming he has rights when considered a suspect. He is a suspect and will always be a suspect. His first priority of effort should be to get off the phone and comply with police, for if I was the officer he verbally assaulted like a banana-eating jungle monkey, I would have sprayed him in the face with OC deserving of his belligerent non-compliance. Further [5th paragraph], a reader may assume that crimes only happen in back alleys at 0300?! You’re kidding me, right? Are you still in the 5th grade, Catholic School? That paragraph was as pathetic as jungle monkey gibberish – I might as well ax you the question. “Is this your first test at reporting?” You do not understand roles, tactics and dangers police officers face, as apparently you think no one wearing a polo might possess a firearm or knife on his/her person. Might you fathom a woman could be a criminal? Or are criminals all hairy, dirty, stinky, mean looking ugly men? You are a hot little bird with minimal experiences in a harsh field. You are a fool. An infidel. You have no business writing for a US newspaper nevermind detailing and analyzing half truths. You should serve me coffee and donuts on Sunday morning. My last point counters your final 2 paragraphs, in which you state Gates is “this immensely famous expert on race” – you really have to be kidding me? Famous for what? Expert why and says who? What has he done for me and my family? What has he done for the law enforcement community or military veterans or to secure freedoms and our borders in this country? What has he done to help limit and reduce my income tax? He has proven to work to get himself attention and become a wealthy lecturer. He lectures students on the subject of racial ethics and profiling. Jee whiz. I must attend that lecture lest I lose my identity and right to free speech and the right to celebrate God and beliefs as I see fit. I am not a racist. but I am prejudice towards people who are stupid and pretend to stand up and preach for something they claim is freedom when it is merely attention because you do not receive enough of it in your little fear-dwelling circle of on-the-bandwagon followers. You mention Gates’ charges were dropped but that it was too late to stop the damage? Damage? Still kidding? You need to serve a day with the infantry and get swarmed by black gnats while manning your sector. Or you just need to get slapped, look in the mirror and admit, “Wow. I am a failure. I am a follower. Who am I kidding?” Again, I like a warm cruller and hot Panamanian, black. No sugar. Your final statement reads, “Gates, whose great success has allowed him to transcend the racial divide-” to which I ask, when did he transcend? He indeed has transcended back to a bumbling jungle monkey, thus he forever tremains amid this nation’s great social/racial divide that makes it a free and great nation mixed with crazy and awkward differences. Go ahead, ax me what I think? Gates is a goddamned fool and you the article writer simply a poor follower and maybe worse, a poor writer. Your article title should read CONDUCT UNBECOMING A JUNGLE MONKEY – BACK TO ONE’S ROOTS. JB

Barrett was suspended from his military duties as captain in the Army National Guard and placed on administrative leave from the Boston Police Department pending the outcome of a termination hearing.

Barrett said he was moved to write the note because he believed a Boston Globe column about Gates’ arrest “seemed like it was biased.”

“It did not show the roles and duties of a police officer and how dangerous it already is without having a debate about people getting in a police officer’s face, which should never happen at all.”

Asked what led him to choose to use such language, he said, “I don’t know. I couldn’t tell you. I have no idea.”

He added, in response to a question, that he had never used such language before.

Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis denounced the e-mail.

Barrett used the “jungle monkey” phrase four times, three times referring to Gates and once to the Boston Globe column.

He also declared that he was “not a racist but I am prejudice [sic] toward people who are stupid and pretend to stand up and preach for something they say is freedom but it is merely attention because you do not get enough of it in your little fear-dwelling circle of on-the-bandwagon followers.”

According to a statement from Boston police, Davis took action immediately on learning of Barrett’s remarks, stripping the officer of his gun and his badge.

Barrett’s arrests and investigations will be reviewed for indications of racial bias, Davis said. The department will also look closely at the officers who received or viewed the e-mail.

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Permanently Positively Pouting Palin

Posted by Daniel on June 25, 2009


Sarah Palin is, once again, responding forcefully and dramatically to a perceived attack on one of her children, this time attacking an Alaska blogger who edited a picture of her and her baby son, Trig, to replace Trig’s face with the image of a conservative Alaska talk show host, Eddie Burke.

The emailed response from Palin’s spokesman, Meghan Stapleton, seemed as staged and melodramatic as everything else that comes out of the Governor:

Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother’s love for a special needs child.

The mere idea of someone doctoring the photo of a special needs baby is appalling. To learn that two Alaskans did it is absolutely sickening. Linda Kellen Biegel, the official Democrat Party blogger for Alaska, should be ashamed of herself and the Democratic National Committee should be ashamed for promoting this website and encouraging this atrocious behavior.

Babies and children are off limits. It is past time to restore decency in politics and real tolerance for all Americans. The Obama Administration sets the moral compass for its party. We ask that special needs children be loved, respected and accepted and that this type of degeneracy be condemned.

Let’s break this down, shall we?

  1. “Malicious Desecration”?  Who the hell does Palin think this photo was OF, anyway…The Virgin Mother Palin holding the Child Trig???  What self-flattery and gaul!!!
  2. “Iconic Representation of a Mother’s Love”?  Excuse me, but aren’t you the one who keeps hauling these kids out onto the stage and shoving them in front of every camera you see coming at you?
  3. You’re sickened that it was two Alaskans that doctored the photo?  So would be fine with it if some sick twisted faggot like me here in California had done it?  Believe me, Sarah, I truly wish I HAD thought of it before, because I thought it was fucking hilarious…oh, and I knew who the picture was aimed at…just like you did…contrary to your fake anger.
  4. “The Democratic National Committee should be ashamed…”  Where the hell has your outrage for all of the doctored photos depicting Obama AND family as watermelon-planting carpetbaggers??? Why didn’t I hear you demanding the republican National Committee be ashamed of the picture they emailed out showing all the presidents portraits, but the one of Obama as a black box with two white eyes peering out?  Or of his face on a food stamp?  Fuck you and your fake anger and overweening ego.
  5. “Time to restore decency in politics and real tolerance for all Americans”? You fake bible-thumping gay-bashing white-trash tea bagging biggots have got some nerve calling for tolerance for ALL Americans, so long as they are the kind YOU like.
  6. “Degeneracy”?  Well, you would know all about that, being the Poster Child of degeneracy.

The blogger, Linda Kellen Biegel, responded in no uncertain terms that she was making fun of Eddie Burke, a talk-radio host on KBYR who is a fervent Palin backer, not of Trig.

“It’s called ‘Baby Burke’ because it’s Eddie Burke…basically his probable second-biggest fantasy about the Governor,” Biegel wrote. “So, connecting the dots for you…WE’RE MAKING FUN OF EDDIE BURKE!!!!!!”

Stapelton also suggested President Obama should speak out against such behavior from liberal activists.

Earlier this month Biegel filed an ethics complaint against Palin for wearing a jacket made by a company that sponsored her husband — a snow mobile racer — to a public event. An investigator ruled Palin had not acted wrongly and the Alaska governor accused Biegel “asinine political grandstanding.”

Seriously, Sarah, who do you think trig should be more angry with? Some writer who used part of his image to make a point about how crooked and fake and utterly useless a politician you are?



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Democratic Drive By…

Posted by Daniel on June 18, 2009


So, what are we supposed to do now, Mr. President?  Just roll with it because that’s how you roll?

President Obama’s decision to grant some benefits to the same-sex partners of federal employees is seen by some as his attempt to extend an olive branch to the gay and lesbian community, but critics say it’s “too little, too late.”

“It seems to me at least to be a nice gesture, but a disappointment,” said Richard Kim, a senior editor at The Nation magazine.

The memorandum Obama signed Wednesday is not expected to grant health and retirement benefits to same-sex partners, as that is prohibited under the Defense of Marriage Act.

“It will absolutely be seen as something good — but I think, for example, it not including full health insurance — that is going to put a real microscope on that question. You know, why not?” Kim said, adding that the memo applies only to federal employees, so most people will not be affected by it.

Charles Moran, the spokesman for the Log Cabin Republicans, said the lack of full benefits in Thursday’s memorandum shows a lack of commitment to the gay community.

“That’s the part that just shows that the Obama administration really isn’t serious about their promises to the gay and lesbian community. Things like the health benefits, things like retirement benefits and coverage for spouses. These are the core issues,” Moran said.

“Why start the marathon if you’re not serious about ending the race?” he added.

White House officials involved in discussions with gay-rights advocates say that Obama favors extending full health care benefits to same-sex couples but that will take legislation to accomplish.

Moran said Obama has had multiple opportunities to fulfill his promises to the gay and lesbian community — including by repealing the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and standing against the Justice Department motion filed last week in support of the Defense of Marriage Act.

“Here we are, several months after he’s been inaugurated, and we’ve gotten basically nothing. So it is too little, too late,” Moran said.

White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs said Obama will keep his word.

“[Extending benefits to same-sex couples] is a matter of fairness. The president is committed to ensuring that fairness as well as working on and fulfilling other promises that he has made in the campaign around things like ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ ” Gibbs said.

The president has faced sharp criticism over the Justice Department’s filing in support of the Defense of Marriage Act, which opposes same-sex marriage. The act used the government’s interest in opposing incestuous marriages to support its position against same-sex marriage.

Openly gay Rep. Barney Frank said the Obama administration made a “big mistake” and is calling on the president to clearly explain his views on the matter.

“The wording they used was inappropriate,” the Massachusetts Democrat told the Boston Herald in an interview published in the paper’s Wednesday edition.

Many gay activists have called on Frank and other gay members of Congress to speak out against the recent Department of Justice brief.

The rancor threatens to disrupt a big Democratic National Committee gay fundraiser in Washington next week.

Vice President Biden is the guest at next Thursday’s DNC’s LBGT Leadership Council 10th Annual Dinner in Washington. Critics are calling for Frank and other gay congressional leaders to boycott the dinner, for which tickets go for $1,000 to $30,000 a plate.

Activist David Mixner and blogger Andy Towle, two well-known gay rights advocates, announced that they were pulling out, citing disappointment with the Defense of Marriage Act brief.

If you’ll remember, the president also rankled gay advocates before his inauguration when he named megachurch pastor the Rev. Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his swearing-in. Warren, in an interview with, likened homosexuality to bestiality and incest. He also supported California’s Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in that state.

During the Warren controversy, Obama — who frequently spoke in favor of gay and lesbian rights during the campaign but has said he opposes same-sex marriage — declared himself “a fierce advocate for gay and lesbian Americans.”

Given the support Obama received from the gay community during the campaign season,  so far the Obama administration has let gay and lesbian rights activists down.

On election day Obama got 70 percent of the vote from those who identified themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual.

“I think there is an overwhelming feeling that he has not lived up to expectations on these matters,” he said.

But, he added, “there’s some sympathy for him — there’s the worst recession since the Great Depression, troops are in two different countries in the Middle East — so there’s a lot on his plate.”

Kim said Obama’s full agenda, however, shouldn’t be used as an excuse to delay action on gay rights issues. If the administration waits until there is a news hole, then the issues will be subject to a lot of debate, he said.

“In the middle of the health care debate, saying we’re going to do health care, we’re going to fix the economy and then this other [gay rights] stuff — of course it’s right. It doesn’t require a national debate,” he said. “This is stuff that’s been debated forever. America does not need a huge national debate on some of these issues,” Kim said.

Kim said while Obama has disappointed the gay community, he still has some time to make good on his campaign promises.

“I think people will wait through the first two legislative sessions, but then after that some of this stuff does need to move to the front,” he said.

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Posted by Daniel on June 17, 2009

And now, from the state of Tennessee, we bring you the Obama “Spook” photo e-mailed from a GOP Senator’s office — on an official state e-mail account, no less:

Sherri Goforth, a legislative staffer working for Sen. Diane Black, a Gallatin Republican, confirmed to Nashville Is Talking that she sent around an email depicting portraits of all the U.S. presidents — but on the last slot, where Barack Obama should be, there is just an empty black spot with two eyes (see below).


When asked whether she understood the controversial nature of sending the email on her state account, Goforth replied, “I went on the wrong email and I inadvertently hit the wrong button … I’m very sick about it, and it’s one of those things I can’t change or take back.” Goforth told the press that she received a letter of reprimand from Sen. Black.

Get it? Huh? Not really…

She’s sick about it alright — sick that she got caught and exposed as a racist — not because she sent out a highly offensive, racist image of our president. Not to worry dear readers, Goforth is keeping her job, for the moment:

Update 1: Black confirmed that she had reprimanded Goforth verbally and in writing. She said no further action was anticipated.

“I think this was a bad decision on her part,” Black said. “She fully understood. … It really doesn’t matter to me why it was sent — whether it was a mistake or a decision — it won’t be tolerated.”

Update 2: Goforth went home for the day, and a spokeswoman for the Senate Republican Caucus declined to comment on the ground that it is a personnel matter. The spokeswoman referred questions to Black, who is currently in a Senate Finance Committee meeting.

Rep. John DeBerry, the chairman of the Tennessee Black Caucus of State Legislators, said the incident reflects poorly on Tennessee and lawmakers.

“It’s unfortunate, and it’s another in a series of unfortunate incidents that have happened across this country with this president,” he said. “It sends the wrong message from the state of Tennessee, and it sends the wrong message from the House and Senate. I wish it hadn’t happened.”

Rep. Mike Turner, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, linked the message to other controversial statements attributed to Tennessee Republicans.

“This is blackbird revisited,” he said, referring to a flyer distributed last fall regarding former state Rep. Nathan Vaughn.

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