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Pride & Predjudice

Posted by Daniel on June 15, 2009

A state Republican activist has admitted to and apologized for calling a gorilla that escaped from the Columbia, SC “Riverbanks Zoo” Friday an “ancestor” of First Lady Michelle Obama.

A screen capture of the comment, made on the Internet site Facebook.

The image shows a post by an aide to state Attorney General Henry McMaster describing Friday morning’s gorilla escape at Columbia’s Riverbanks Zoo.

Longtime SCGOP activist and former state Senate candidate Rusty DePass responded with the comment, “I’m sure it’s just one of Michelle’s ancestors – probably harmless.”

DePass said he was talking about First Lady Michelle Obama.

DePass has been involved in state politics for decades, and helped elect Republican Governor Jim Edwards in 1974. He was an early South Carolina supporter of former President George W. Bush in 2000.

Some of DePass’ political allies and rivals told what they thought about the comment.

“Even if it was taken out of context – its not something that should have ever been said. It’s sad, disappointing, and unfortunate,” said former SCGOP Chairman Katon Dawson.

Columbia Mayor Bob Coble also condemns the comment.

“You know, I think the comment is inappropriate. It’s a racist comment,” he says. “I think Mr. DePass should apologize.”

Last Friday night, DePass was asked about his comment. He said, “I am as sorry as I can be if I offended anyone. The comment was clearly in jest.”

“You know, I don’t think there’s anything funny about that comment,” says Mayor Coble. “That is the First Lady of the United States. We’ve had a long tradition of wonderful first ladies, and I don’t think any of them deserve that type of comment.”

DePass took his apology a bit further. He also said, “The comment was hers. Not mine,” saying the first lady made statements in the media recently saying we are all descendents of apes.

But an Internet search for those comments turned up no news articles of the like.

“I don’t know of any,” says Coble.

All of that aside, the mayor wants a clear-cut apology.

“Rusty DePass is well known in the community, and I know he’s done very good things in addition to his political work,” says Mayor Coble. “I don’t want a comment like that coming out of Columbia, South Carolina for the world to comment on.”

The comment has been removed from Facebook. DePass’ Facebook page has also been deleted.

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We the People…

Posted by Daniel on February 28, 2009

You know, I’ve heard a lot from readers over the past year or so about how I’ve let up too much on writing on the topic of politics.

Truth is that I, like many others, was so burned out by all the campaigns, mud-slinging, lies and pandering (by BOTH parties) that even I, “Mr. Asshole Liberal Jaded Opinion Man” (true story, one of our readers actually called me that) got burned out on it all.

Don’t get me wrong, Seth and I still follow what’s going on politically every day and have many one-on-one discussions about it all.  Just because I haven’t written about it lately doesn’t mean I’ve fallen out of the loop.

Quite the contrary, actually.

As a matter of fact, the shabby, whiney and – quite frankly – UN-Christian actions of the GOP (especially this week at the CPAC rally) have awakend this humble scribe.  And it sucks for them that I awoke on the wrong side of the bed…and there’s no coffee, so excuse me if this gets a little cranky at times.

I remember about eight years ago when we were all being hammered over the head by the GOP with words like, “He’s your President, and to NOT support him is un-American.” (Sean Hannity), and “Democrats should get over it.  A Republican was elected President and it’s time to move on.  He’s YOUR President.”  (Ann Coulter)

Forgive me, Rebecca, for what I’m about to say…but it’s time…

No matter how you slice it…no matter how far they will bend over to kiss the asses of their base…Republicans are the worst hypocrites.

Case in point:

Morality talk show host, Laura Schesinger told people they were slime for being unfaithful or untruthful in marriage and then tried to lie as part of a cover up regarding provocative nude pictures that were taken of her while she was married to one man by the man she was having an affair with.

I know there are plenty of Democrats you could point to with equally repulsive examples, (Joe Lieberman)(notice how the first three letters in his last name are L-I-E???) but as the GOP so loves to say, “Let’s just talk about the here and now.”

The GOP seems lost these days.  You can’t tune to any channel these days without a story being ran about how hard they are working to try to get back to their core values (whatever the hell THOSE were).  And while they are all scrambling to regain political footing after a well-deserved trouncing last November, the irony is how much more damage they are doing to themselves TRYING to pull their collective shit together.

They are doing their best to put as much political distance as they possibly can between themselves and FORMER-President George Bush, but at the same time, they are looking to such ilk as Sarah Palin, Joe-the-Plumber, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and RNC Chairman Michael Steele for salvation?

Honestly, folks, it was these pandering liars and MANY other water-carriers LIKE them that got you where you are today.  These are the same people who think it’s just a funny harmless joke to have PRESIDENT Obama’s picture on a food stamp.  Or think it’s funny to see a cartoon of a dead monkey shot by police that references PRESIDENT Obama.  Or say that there won’t be an Easter Egg hunt at the White House this year, and underline the statement with a picture of a watermelon patch on the White House lawn.

And you STILL bitch about how Democrats are STILL seething about the fact that George Bush “won” the election in 2000???

Tell you what, GOP…I’ll stop bitching about 2000 if you (and EVERYONE who sympathizes WITH you) will stop characterizing the Obama’s as monkeys, apes or ANY other stereotype.

And stop lying to me and others by saying you detest such comparisons.  We no longer buy that song and dance.  Just because you SAY you object to that sort of mudslinging means nothing. If you really MEANT to stop your supporters from such shameless and childish words and acts, you’d actually have mentioned it at your little CPAC jamboree…even ONCE!!!!

“Classic remorse, as all the moralists are agreed, is a most undesirable sentiment. If you have behaved badly, repent, make what amends you can and address yourself to the task of behaving better next time. On no account brood over your wrongdoing. ROLLING IN THE MUCK IS NOT THE BEST WAY OF GETTING CLEAN.” – – – – – Aldous Huxley

I have a sense of humor.  Believe me when I tell you that I know the value of a good laugh.  Ask anyone I know.  Your brand of so-called humor, however, is in no way funny.  Because those cartoons, jokes (I fucking HATE those anti-Obama emails I’m getting, even from family, so stifle that shit!!!), etc. are not meant to bring a smile to people’s face.  Instead they are intended to incite hate, anger and to perpetuate racism.

I don’t find ANYTHING funny about THAT shit.  And more people than you care to admit think the same way as I do.

Whether you like them or not.  Whether you respect them or not.  Whether you VOTED for him or NOT…

President Barack Obama is, in fact, YOUR PRESIDENT!!

Just as you insisted we have and show respect for that office when George Bush was in it (because he was THE PRESIDENT), so you now must put up or shut up.  Walk the walk.  Eat that crow.

Because the bottom line here is that you aren’t fooling anyone ANYMORE with pretty words geared towards whatever adoring crowds you hand-pick.  This country and those of us who live in it are actually PAYING ATTENTION to what you and your party are saying and doing.

You can’t shuck and jive us with magic tricks meant to sheild us from mushroom clouds with mere duct tape and plastic sheeting.

We can no longer be distracted from your true hate of free-thinking Americans by dangling something shiny in front of us.

(this goes double for the Democrats now that they have the power)

I’m not asking you to lay kisses on the Obama’s feet.  I AM asking that you show the same respect to a First Family that you insisted on for the previous eight years.

Because those very people to whom you are showing such an utter UN-American disrespect, in fact ARE…

Of The People...

Of The People...

By The People...

By The People...

...and FOR The People

...and FOR The People

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Politics Can Ruin A Person

Posted by Seth on October 28, 2008

I’m over due to post some of my photoshop work. This time, I’ve chosen our current political leaders as my subjects. The theme of each person/picture is what the individual was before their political carrers, currently in their careers, and my predictions of what they will become after they’ve fallen off the radar. Enjoy!

Dick Cheney is Satan…but we all knew this.

George Bush gets just what he deserves!!!

Laura Bush shows her true colors as one of Cheney’s minions…

…that is after the pictures George and her took in the Oval Office surfaced.

After losing the 2008 election, John McCain resorts to taking a job with Hugh Hefner as the new spokesman for Playgirl.

Then he starts posing for Playgirl to pay the extra bills.

After losing the election, incriminating pictures surfaced of John McCain “choosing” Sarah Palin for VP.

Cindy McCain leaves John because of the Palin scandal, gets knocked up, and resorts to advertising her own beer.

Sarah Palin high-tails it back to Alaska. She was shunned by her people and kicked out of office. She gains 200 pounds and is forced to live in the wild where she makes a home with the bears she once hunted.

Desperate to get back into the spotlight, she calls up her old pal McCain and gets a job working with Playgirl. She launched Hefners new magazine, Big Girls With Big Bears

After being elected, an old newspaper ad surfaces showing Barack Obama hid something from his public record.

Becoming a desperate housewife, Michelle Obama finds an outlet to express her inner self.

Hillary leaves politics for good. She toned up and started posing for a lingerie, becoming the highest paid model in recent history. Later she suffered a life threatening, and look altering, accident while trying to get Obama’s autograph. She was nearly beat to death and was taken out of the public eye. Never being heard from again. Until…

…this picture surfaced. She took some time off, made some life changes, and started traveling with the Ringling Brothers. She is now known as Velma, The Amazing Tattooed Woman.

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A Well Deserved Cat Fight

Posted by Seth on October 16, 2008


I know it’s hard to get mixed up in all this political bullshit. You don’t know who to believe, what to listen to, which news stations are telling the truth, ect… The best we can do is listen and wait until facts start coming available.

Toward the begining of this election season, when Obama wasn’t as advanced, his wife Michelle made a comment. She said,

“For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country, because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.”

Many people saw/see this as “unAmerican”. I thought so too. Then, shortly after her comment she explained her logic a little further. She spoke about how she’s proud of Americans coming out to show their support, informing themselves, ect…You can watch her retraction speech here.

Her first comment was very vague and confusing. I think everyone was floored by it. She later mentions in her second speech, provided above, how she’s proud of this country and its people. I’m proud of this country too. More and more people come out to vote with each election.  Click on the vote for Obama sign to check out the stats. But the thing is, people still won’t drop this. She said it about 5 months ago. People say she’s unAmerican because she hates this country.

What about Sara Palin? She’s this big conservative, all American, hot hunter. All American? I think not.

Why is it she’s avoiding going into detail about her husband being a former board member of the committee for Alaska’s secession from the United States? Click on the lipstick pig to see a video of her giving well-wishes and good lucks to the AIP (Alaskan Independence Party). It’s none other than the party that is in full support of Alaska seceding from the United States. A party which she is in FULL support of. Click the starving bear  to see their web site.

My point is, how can anyone say anything about Michelle Obama’s comment and not mention Sara Palin’s connection with the AIP. I have yet to hear a good excuse or rebuttal. Bring it on! I need to hear a viable reason or excuse!

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An Ongoing Debate

Posted by Seth on October 14, 2008

Ok, all of the following madness is back and forth comments between a reader and myself. They are in reference to Daniel’s post Debate This!!!  You can read it there or here. I’m posting this because there are some serious arguments and issues in here. Nothing too bad, just strong opinions from two opinionated people. If the reader is wrong, it should be pointed out. If I’m wrong, I want it to be pointed out. The best advice I can give this reader, in reference to current politics, got to It is a GREAT site! It is nonbiased and possibly the most truthful bits of information we can currently get our hands on.

This is everything this far and I know there will be more to come. I would like some more input from other readers, if you don’t mind. Enjoy!

  1. God help us all if Obama gets elected… at least.. AT LEAST.. MaCain has no ties to a terriorist…can you say.. WILLIAM AYERS???? Was John McCain my first pick to run for president? NO… BUT…at least..he’s not got the baggage that Obama has. Obama might as well be called the “Teflon Don”.. because NOTHING he does sticks to him.. Do you want to know why?? Because for one thing.. he has people fooled.. good grief.. they’ve got him down as the next Messiah…the “Savior” of the United States..The othe thing is.. the mainstream media want this man elected.. just like they did Bill CLinton..and.. they will see to it that he is elected.. even if they have to push ACORN to go get those homeless people and drunks and druggies off the street to go vote. Have you figured out I”m one of those die hard Republicans yet?… I know this makes me dog crap in your eyes and the eyes of the world.. but guess what… I DONT CARE!! At least. .when you fight your enemy.. if you can find out anything about them.. the better off you are.. you know what you’re fighting… with Obama.. he’s very scary.. no one knows this man.. remember what I said about the teflon???? It would be my wish that Sara Palin would have run.. OMG!!!! WHAT DID I SAY?????? YES… you heard me.. SARA PALIN… I’d like to know what the HELL is wrong with her??? Is it because.. she has five kids? .. Does this make her a bad person?.. Or .. and unfit mother?.. why is it she was attacked and called a horrible mother because she was running for this office??? I see. .what’s always good for the goose isnt’ always good for the gander.. I guess when a MAN runs for an office like this..its ok for him to be “part time ” daddy… but you let a woman do something like this and she’s an unfit mother. DOUBLE STANDARD… and OMG.. she HUNTS… OMG OMG OMG>… how horrible… sheesh.. this is just disgusting. I have 5 kids.. I hunt.. and you know what…. I wasnt on welfare.. no one paid for my kids.. and I did a FANTASTIC job raising them. I would have had a dozen if I could have afforded them. I’m sick and tired of everything that’s wrong with this country being blamed on Bush. Of course. he is to blame for some of it. but come on… this crap has been coming for YEARS.. not just in the last 8 years under his leadership… but for YEARS.. and YES.. OMG.. some of it under the leadership of Clinton. Clinton.. sheesh.. that’s a whole other story.. that’s for another day when I”m grouchy and pissed. Its time for you Bush haters to GET OVER IT….All I can say is.. God help us all when Obama is the President. because.. sadly..I believe he will get it.I know I have opened Pandora’s box by opening my mouth here but … so be it. I’ve not agreed with everything Bush has done…mainly the damn borders and allowing illeagals coming in by the droves.. actually.. again.. that istn’ all his fault.. 12million illegals didnt slip in under the fence in the last 8 years… that’s been a LONG time coming… I just blame Bush for not doing anything about it. But. nevertheless…when push came to shove.. he did ok. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW boy now I said it…..maybe I better put some heavy duty armor on so as to protect myself when this is read. I”m not so close minded and blinded by loyalty that I vote only Repulican.. I will vote Democratic if the person that is running on that ticket is worthy..yes worthy.. of my vote. So far.. I have not found one that is… not for a very very very long time. Ok. so.. I”m done ranting for now.. untill I can get wound up again…and if it shows that I have no facts .. well… its only because I’m really mad and when I’m mad I can never remember to say what I really want to say. That will hit me later… “ohhhh why didn’t I say that??”.. so.. I’ll probably be back.

Seth Says:
October 13, 2008 at 4:57 pm

  1. 1. I personally don’t like Obama. I don’t think we know enough about him either. At the same time, and not defending him, we don’t know anything about Sara Palin either. All we know of her is that she’s a mother, she hunts, and she can skin a moose with the best of them. Nothing wrong with that. We know where she stands with morals and other major political issues, but how do we know she’s not just as bad for this country as Obama? Where’s the proof? It just came out the other day that she ADMITTED to abusing her power as governor to get her ex brother-in-law fired from a trooper job. There is proof from the Alaskan Legislature, which is Republican, who said she was guilty of “abusing her power” and “violated the Alaskan Code of Ethics”! Where’s the honesty or morality in that? Again, not defending Obama. He was NOT my pic either and it doesn’t mean I’m voting for him.

    2. What is your opinion about her husband being a board member of the committee for Alaska to succeed from the US? And she has spoken at their meetings and rallies. How is that patriotic or AMERICAN? I have yet to hear anyone give me a good argument of why I should vote for her when she supports splitting up our country.

    3. Just because there are petty people out there that say she’s a bad mother or unfit, does not mean that is the opinion of everyone. From what I’ve seen and heard, she’s a great mother! Hell, even the main stream media has told people to leave her family alone. When it comes to her daughter having a child out of wedlock, that’s not moral, I know and you do too. But we’re human and we all make mistakes. I commend her for not having an abortion.

    4. I don’t quite understand your comparison with him and teflon. If people are calling him the “Messiah” or “Savior”, that’s their problem. I, and many others know, he is not. If they want to make their bed with God in that respect, that is for them to deal with when the time comes.

    5. You’re not dog crap in anyone’s eyes…except the people who don’t know how to listen to both sides of this election. Everyone has an opinion, I respect that. If someone can’t respect someone else’s opinion, than that is their problem and they’re not worth the breath in your lungs.

    6. It’s impossible to blame everything on Bush. Not everything is his fault ENTIRELY, but he has had a major hand in letting things in this country go to shit. I have heard the most liberal Democrats and the most conservative Republicans say he is actually a really good guy. He’s very nice, generous, and kind. I believe that. But I also believe he was corrupted and has gone too far deep with everything to turn back. Congress and the Senate have a major hand in it too. It’s just been the shittiest combination of people for the past 8 years. It will also take some time to get it back on its feet.

    7. When Clinton was in office, the economy was THRIVING! He was the first and only president to EVER bring our country into a surplus! I think he made a poor decision by signing NAFTA, but that wasn’t entirely on him either. And don’t use Monica Lewinski as leverage for an excuse. It was a POOR decision and he was stupid for doing it.

    8. I agree with you about Immigration. I think he did a piss poor job doing anything about it. If illegals would go the legal route to becoming a citizen, there wouldn’t be a problem. It is a serious issue, and he did nothing to help it. He had bigger fish to fry.

    9. I agree with you again. I’m not so close minded that I won’t vote for one party or another if the candidate is right for the position. I’m just tired of the shit this country is in, and I don’t want to risk voting for someone who could POTENTIALLY go the same way as Bush did. Hell, McCain said we would stay in Iraq for another 100 years if he had his way!!! How…what….huh?!?!?! WTF?!?! How can anyone agree with that?! That is REPUBLICAN PROPAGANDA!

    Do you know what a minister said at a McCain rally? He said, while in prayer, “…that if Obama wins, than the people that are voting for him will start praying to Allah and turn Muslim…””…STEP IN AND HONOR YOUR NAME…”!?!?!? That, to me, is BLASPHEMY!

    Bottom line, we don’t know ANYONE, ANYMORE! Put it this way, if they’re in Washington, they can’t be trusted!!! All we know is what we see on TV. We don’t know these people personally. I just wish people would vote based on ISSUES and not the color or your skin, your gender, your age, ect. It’s bullshit! To Hell with the people who call Obama an Arab. To Hell with the people who call Palin an unfit mother!

    It’s getting bad. Too bad for my taste. The way I see it. Either way we go…we’re fucked!

  2. Says:
    October 14, 2008 at 7:52 am At least… we know McCain.. his ways.. what he stands for.. just this morning I heard on the news that Obama is so far ingrained in the whole damn Acorn mess its digusting.I’m not opposed to voting for the “other party”.. IF .. and that’s a BIG IF.. the “other party” has somone worthy to run.. in fact.. the Govenor of this state is a Democrat and I for one am voting for him. I believe him to be a good man and he has done a good job for our state. Why change?..If the right man is getting the job done.. then.. leave it. Obama is a HUGE risk. .because we dont know anything about him and what we DO know is scary. He’s a dirty as they come.. as liberal as they come..he’s handed out so much monety to Acorn and other groups its not funny. This was when he was on some board of directors in Chicago. Which brings me to another matter.. what the hell has he done?????? Hell. he hasn’t even been a mayor.. how the hell can we expect him to run our country???? and we are supposed to put this man in office and turn our lives over to him??? He’s going to bring Socialism to us BIG TIME… is THAT what you want??? and NO I dont agree with what Bush has done with the whole damn banking thing. Again.. it smells of SOCIALISM. And as far as Sara Palin having any experience?? I think she turned the stat of Alaska around pretty good..and what if she did have her brother in law fired? WHO in office hasn’t done something like that??? at least.. she didn’t have him KILLED like was in the shady background of the CLintons… people always seemed to come up on the bad end of things with them.. does the name .. VINCE FOSTER mean anthing to you ??????? Besides. maybe her brother in law was an ass and deserved to be fired.. who knows. .all we are hearing it from is the …. mainstream media.. again.. who has tried their best to dirty her name in whatever nasty fashion they can.As far as the war is concerned.. maybe if some of your family had been gased by Sadam. you would feel differently about the war. We committed to it.. we HAVE to finish it… or else THEY win…and dont tell me that the terrorists are only in Afghanistan.. bull crap.. they live and thrive in Iraq. Obama will ruin this country ….. financially.. and everyother way.. I would far rather have had Hillary as president.. at least we know her workings. I believe McCain loves this country and only wants the best for it.. he’s proved that over and over. .and besides.. he’s the one who tried to reign in Fannie May and Freddie… but would the congress listen?? the DEMOCRATIC congress? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. and Chris Dodd.. the DEMOCRAT is eyeball deep in it.. he got what he wanted.. a nice cushy morgage. Of course.. he’s not the only one… their are others. McCain however.. is not one of them. No one.. NO ONE is without sin…I”m aware of that.. in this case.. its a choice of picking the lesser of the two evils.. and by far.. McCain is the best one… and I”m not saying hes’ evil. I”M sayin Obama is. And Obama’s wife??? SHEEEEEESH.. if she was so damn ashamed of our country then she needs to get her ass out. To date.. THIS IS THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT ALLOWS IDIOTS TO LIVE HERE AND SPEAK THIER TRASH. And we have young men and women giving their lives for it. EVeryday… if you think for one minute that the bombing can’t start here? then you people are FOOLS… September 11 should have told you that. But oh wait.. yea. that’s right.. IDIOTS like Mikael Moore thing BUSH DID IT… oh yea.. hmmmm … this drives me NUTS. And you are right.. no one in Washington can be trusted…. but.. we have to pick and choose the best of the dirty shirts.. and Obama sure as hell isn’t even CLOSE to having a clean shirt. I dont care that he’s black.. I don’t care if he’s flaming purple with neon green highlights in his hair…HE”S AN IDIOT…. who is about to take this country for a ride it wont soon forget. I”M all for voting on the issues.. but what pisses me off is no one is letting Obama’s “issues” come to light….they are poo pooed away . Could you imagine if McCain or Palin had any dealings with William Ayers or Acorn or “Rev”..(AND i USE THAT TERM LOOSELY) Jerimiah WRIght????? please.. they’d been skinned alive and tied out so ants could eat them. And the “teflon” thing was from the news a while back.. I heard they had named a big Mafia guy.. “Teflon Don” because they could never get any charges to stick to him.This is what the mainstream media has done with Obama and is idiot wife. Now that old girl is nasty.. .I can see it…not in looks.. although I think she’s ugly.. but in actions.. I bet she fights dirty.. she’s one of those people.. no holds barred.. cat fight. I”d like to give her a peice of my mind too. This all comes from listening to this tripe over and over and over and over.. the “messiah Obama”…God help us. We will soon be a Socialist country.
    The only way this country will fall… will be brought to its knees.. is from the fall within… and with the election of Obama… so it begins.
  3. Seth Says:
    October 14, 2008 at 11:30 am Ok, yes we know McCain. I’ve heard nothing good about the man, except he’s a hot head. My question about him is since this election has not gone in his favor, not his fault, why is it he’s grasping at straws to make some kind of point against Obama? He barely has any arguement against the man. He’s in a desperate situation. Who’s to say he won’t lie or do extreme things when he gets in a tough situation if he was made president?

    Obama and ACORN? How about Bush and Katherine Harris in Florida for the 2000 election? They cheated that election! She said she would be “more than happy to insure George Bush won the election”…”regardless of what it was.” We all remember that scandal. Do no red flags pop up when you think about that election? Plus, in Ohio, they tracked down who was cheating people out of voter registration and fired them. They still havn’t proven that Obama has paid anything to ACORN.

    LOL! What makes you think Obama is going to bring us to Socialism? Where’s the proof or facts in that? You can’t make a claim like that unless you have proof.

    Palin turned Alaska around? What was wrong with it before she got into office? I’ve yet to hear anything about how bad that state was before she got into office…let alone anything major she did for the state.

    The spent MILLIONS investigating the Vince Foster case. Several investigations proved he committed suicide. Sara Palin has been proven to have lied about her firing her ex brother-in-law. And don’t say he may have deserved it or he may have been an ass. He may have been, I don’t know. The bottom line is the REPUBLICAN Alaskan Legislature found her guilty of violating their Code of Ethics and abusing her power.

    Terrorists aren’t only in Afganistan. They’re everywhere! It’s wrong to pigeon hole that country and say they’re all terrorists. I know MANY people who have gone over to Iraq multiple times. I think they did a good job finding Saddam. We shouldn’t be in this war to “win” it. We should be in it to help those who need it. We’ve done our damage, did what we went in to do, and now we need to get the hell out of there!

    If Michelle Obama doesn’t like this country than she needs to get out? WHAT ABOUT SARA PALIN?!?!?! HER HUSBAND IS A BOARD MEMBER OF THE COMMITTEE FOR ALASKA TO SUCCEED FROM THE UNITED STATES!!!! GOVERNOR PALIN HAS SPOKEN AT THEIR MEETINGS AND EVENTS!!!! How in the HELL is that American? Sara Palin has made it MORE obvious she wants to succeed more than Michelle Obama!

    Yes, Michael Moore is an idiot; but so isn’t Bush. I do what I can to not listen to Moore because he is too liberal and idiotic for me. Fahrenheit 911 was a load of crap, and a lot of his interviews, facts, proof has all been in question.

    Obama’s issues aren’t being pushed to the side, they’re in the news just as much as McCain and Palin’s issues are. It’s just more prominant about McCain because the poor man has been left on his own with no help from the Republican base, and is losing this election fast. Of course the underdog is going to get stepped on. That’s the way it works. I will also tell you, when Obama is elected, the media is going to turn on him. The same thing happened to Bush, the Clinton’s, ect. It will happen.

    And so the fall begins? It’s has been falling for years!!! It’s not going to start with Obama.

    Yes, with politics it’s all dirty laundry and we do just have to pick the cleanest of the dirty shirts. But right now it’s winter and the dirty white shirt is short sleeved; the dirty black shirt is long sleeved, and this country is freezing cold.

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