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A Little Charity goes A Long Way

Posted by Daniel on June 24, 2009

Just a little sidestep here to rant about a review I read online this morning.

While reading up on my daily dose of news and politics (yes, I can seperate the two), I happened across a movie review that, in my opinion, sounded less like a professional review, and more like the rantings of a jilted lover.

I speak of so-called movie critic Tom Charity.  His review of the upcoming movie “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” seemed a little on the emotional side to me.  I won’t quote everything he said (you can read his tripe at the link above), but I will give you the ending…

The truth is, (Michael) Bay is a rotten fit for this assignment; he’s much too self-important to recalibrate his approach for the younger audience this material demands.

Memo to Michael: It’s a toy movie. Your audience is predominantly teen and pre-teen. My kids don’t need to see your salivating soft-porn fantasies or your reactionary militaristic politics.

Most of all, none of us needs to sit through 2½ hours of this inane and mind-numbing movie. Better it should be melted down for scrap.

Now I’m not going to slam every word Charity wrote.  I’m sure he probably was let down by what he saw…especially given the fact that he is neither a “teen or pre-teen”.  Perhaps they might actually enjoy the movie for what it was made to be…juvanile and all for fun.

Honestly, Mr. Charity, most of us who actually go and see movies like this aren’t looking for the Oscar-worthy acting.  Don’t you remember the line from the first installment?  “You’re a soldier now…“.  My friends and I still laugh at how corny that was, but we also know what kind of movie we were watching.

If you’re going to these kinds of movies thinking you’re going to glean some “Mildred Pierce” acting/dialog out of it, you will forever be disappointed.

As for your utter disgust and bitter disappointment in this movie – by the way, I haven’t seen it yet but already know I will like it because I don’t go to them for the acting – maybe you should stick to Disney cartoons.  They are short and no one runs in slow motion.


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